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PagerDuty + HipChat = Work Smarter

PagerDuty is excited to be working closely with Atlassian to deliver incident management solutions that support the developer community.

With HipChat, Atlassian has created a powerful chat tool to enable teams to work more efficiently. HipChat allows teams to increase productivity through enhanced communication — something we at PagerDuty believe to be a crucial part of the incident response process. Today, we released the new PagerDuty HipChat Extension that brings speed, productivity and efficiency to the modern-day developer dealing with incidents.

This new integration extends the PagerDuty experience into HipChat with powerful capabilities like:

Rich Incident Notifications

Rich incident notifications are sent directly into a HipChat room. With these notifications, there’s no need to open a separate app to get the context you need. Having this information alongside related conversations in an easy-to-scan feed simplifies your post-mortem process.

Responder Actions

Responders can take actions like Acknowledge and Resolve right inside the HipChat sidebar. By eliminating the need to toggle between tools, we quickly enable you to focus on doing what matters:  resolving the incident.

ChatOps Commands

ChatOps commands give users the convenience of creating a PagerDuty incident from within HipChat, thus simplifying the flow of information between different teams. ChatOps commands also enable power users to take actions on multiple existing incidents, thereby saving more precious time.


With a simple sign into PagerDuty from HipChat, we ensure that only users that have the necessary permissions can take actions. Not only does this make it more secure, it also ensures accurate attribution (who took what action) and feeds into incident analytics.

Simple and Flexible

Setup is super simple and can be done in just a few clicks from the PagerDuty Extensions Portal. Not only is it easy, it’s extremely flexible — giving you the ability to map multiple business services to individual HipChat rooms so you can ensure the right response team gets alerted on the right incidents.

Some of our early access customers, like Expedia, are already using this extension to their benefit:

The official PagerDuty and HipChat extension provides the core functionality that has been replicated repeatedly by in-house teams,” said Joseph Burnitz, Systems Engineer, Expedia, Inc. “As an on-call engineer, often times I can work through an incident solely in HipChat and being able resolve an incident in chat clearly shows all room participants context. Additionally, the support of HipChat API v2 allows teams to fully control their rooms without requiring a HipChat Admin to administer an API v1 token.

For more information about the PagerDuty HipChat Extension, please check out the following:

We look forward to this growing partnership with Atlassian and more alignment between our products to help the developer community focus on delivering the best customer experiences.

Join me for our upcoming webinar, Better Incident Management with ChatOps on April 19th at 10am PT, where I’ll be sharing use cases and examples of how to leverage ChatOps for better collaboration, more flexibility, and speed than ever before.