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PagerDuty Takes the Next Global Frontier to Australia

Along with this exciting news, we’ve released a State of Digital Operations in Australia Report to showcase survey results from +200 IT personnel in development and operations, as well as over 300 consumers in Australia that highlight the need for digital operations management. 

Expanding the Digital Operations Landscape

Australia is often viewed as the gateway between Asia and the West. And today, we are excited to announce our expansion into the Asia-Pacific region with the launch of our Sydney, Australia local presence. Building out the Asia-Pacific market is critical to PagerDuty’s long term success and the establishment of our new office is just the beginning as we further our growth to deliver meaningful digital experiences to customers in that region.

The well-developed economy of Australia is one of the largest mixed economies. From industrial and transportation equipment, to mining and e-commerce, the Australian market is strong. In digitally dependent industries like e-commerce, Australia’s total e-commerce sales in 2017 are forecast at $32 billion, making it one of the top ten e-commerce markets globally according to eMarketer.

This makes the opportunity in Australia and the larger Asia-Pacific market appealing for PagerDuty. From renting a movie, shopping for groceries, connecting with loved ones, a majority of everyday tasks and activities have been digitized. The brick-and-mortar is now the screen, the filing cabinet is now the Cloud, and the experience of a cab ride starts with an app. But while technology has revolutionized the way we go about our daily lives, these advancements and innovations are not without faults and flaws. Digital outages and the endless buffering are the unfortunate consequences of innovation.

And with technology only getting more advanced, consumers expectations will continue to rise. In turn, IT organizations are faced with operational and technological obstacles that are only increasing in complexity. When you add the staggering number of tools and astonishing volume of data into the mix, the task of delivering a seamless digital experience to customers can seem daunting and difficult for an organization.  

State of Digital Operations Australia

With our international expansion to the APAC region, we also published the State of Digital Operations Report — surveying 200 IT personnel in development and operations and 300 consumers from Australia specifically. The report findings revealed a clear disconnect between Australian consumers’ expectations and IT organisations’ abilities to deliver a digital service, and more importantly, a need for digital operations management.

Key findings included:

  • Resolving consumer-impacting incidents takes IT teams at least 5x longer than consumers are willing to wait for a service that is not performing properly, increasing your chances of losing customers and revenue during downtime.  
  • While 71.9 percent of IT personnel believed that their organization was well-equipped to support digital services, more than half of them (56.2 percent) are still encountering customer-impacting incidents at least one or more times a week.
  • Nearly all of the IT professionals (90 percent) believed that IT operations holds the most responsibility for ensuring the seamless delivery of their organization’s digital services. This means that they key to consumer’s brand loyalty and business revenue. Even if other departments (Sales, Marketing or Product Management) pull out all the stops, the consumers and profits will not come if the service does not work as fast or as smoothly as the consumer expects it to.

The survey results in this Australian State of Digital Operations Report reveal the need for organizations to redefine their operations to meet the ever-increasing customer experience expectations. The second half of the report showcases the opportunity and best practices that arise from the complexity such as restructured architectures and lack of coordination across teams to reconcile this disconnect.

Putting the numbers and statistics aside, consumer usage of digital services in Australia and across the world, is on the rise, resulting in fierce competition amongst businesses to retain customer loyalty. To drive revenue growth, organisations must narrow the gap between consumer expectations with their experience by improving their operations, increasing employee productivity and mitigating security risks. And as the leading Digital Operations Management platform, PagerDuty helps companies to deliver a flawless customer experience by resolving business-impacting incidents quickly.


If you would like to be a part of PagerDuty’s international team, check out our careers page and join me in this exciting new chapter.