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Expanding PagerDuty with $10.7M new funding

I’m very happy to announce we’ve just received $10.7M in funding, led by Andreessen Horowitz.  Also participating in the round were Jesse Robbins, founder of Opscode; WIN Funding; and existing investors Baseline, Harrison Metal and Ignition. We will be using the funding to accelerate product and market development of our IT incident tracking and on-call […]

Outage Post-Mortem – Jan 24, 2013

On January 24, 25 and 26, 2013, PagerDuty suffered several outages.  The events API, used by our customers to submit monitoring events into PagerDuty from monitoring tools, was down during the outages.  Our web application, used to access and configure customer accounts, was also affected and may have been unavailable during the outages. We’ve written […]

New Datadog integration with PagerDuty

We are very excited to announce a new integration with our friends at Datadog.  Datadog is SaaS-based monitoring service that integrates metrics and events from your infrastructure, applications and cloud services.  Unlike other monitoring services Datadog has a strong focus on discovering and sharing real-time application and custom metrics between your development and your operations […]

Verelo + PagerDuty: New integration is live!

We are very excited to announce a new integration and partnership with our good friends north of the border at Verelo (they’re based in Toronto, Canada where PagerDuty started as well).  Verelo is a SaaS-based website monitoring system.  Unlike many (most?) web monitoring tools, Verelo checks your sites and APIs multiple times a minute.  That […]

We are off AWS US-East!

We have some very exciting news for all of our customers who are running mission-critical systems on AWS in the US-East region: we have migrated our primary stack for PagerDuty off of US-East into US-West (Oregon). The migration took place on Tue, June 19. We kicked it off just after 7pm Pacific time and finished […]

Scout Integration with PagerDuty

We are very excited to announce a new integration with Scout. Scout is a hosted server monitoring system that works great in cloud environments. It monitors the usual server metrics, like CPU, load average and disk space. It also has plugins for a variety of services, like MySQL, MongoDB, Redis and Sphinx. Scout allows you […]

Outage Post-Mortem – June 14

On Thursday, June 14, starting at 8:44pm Pacific time, PagerDuty suffered a serious outage. The application experienced 30 minutes of downtime, followed by a period of high load. We take the reliability of our systems very seriously; it’s our number one priority. We’ve written this post-mortem to give you full disclosure on what happened, what […]

Server Density DevOps Deal

We have some exciting news for PagerDuty customers that are looking for a great SaaS-based server monitoring tool. Our good friends at Server Density are partnering with PagerDuty for a DevOps deal. You’re probably wondering what exactly we mean when we say DevOps deal.  Each month, Server Density features a useful dev-ops tool that they […]

We’re switching to Free + Ad-Supported (April Fools)

This was an April Fools post, we’re quite happy with our current business model. We enjoyed writing it though, so we’ll keep it up: We are very excited to announce a major change in the business model of PagerDuty: free + ad-supported. As you all know, our old business model involved charging money for the […]

Alert Birds (by Loggly)

Our good friends at Loggly are hosting a webinar on Getting Started with Alert Birds tomorrow (Oct 11) at 10am PDT. Just in case you haven’t heard of Loggly, they do logging as a service. Alert Birds is a new application built on top of Loggly which allows you to set up automatic real-time searches […]