New Datadog integration with PagerDuty

by Alex Solomon July 30, 2012 | 1 min read

Datadog logoWe are very excited to announce a new integration with our friends at Datadog.  Datadog is SaaS-based monitoring service that integrates metrics and events from your infrastructure, applications and cloud services.  Unlike other monitoring services Datadog has a strong focus on discovering and sharing real-time application and custom metrics between your development and your operations teams.

Connecting Datadog to Pagerduty means that you can start receiving phone, SMS and email notifications for all important server, database and application events, as monitored by Datadog.

What can you do with the new Datadog + PagerDuty integration?

  1. The integration lets you create and resolve incidents directly from the Datadog stream. PagerDuty then takes the appropriate notification action.
    PagerDuty incident in Datadog
  2. The integration continuously imports PagerDuty incidents, escalations and resolutions into the Datadog stream so that they can be used for discussion in Datadog during or after the incident.
    PD incident with discussion in Datadog
  3. The integration lets you correlate metrics and incidents very easily as in this example. Incidents triggered after peaks of high load on a Cassandra cluster are displayed on top of the actual load graph.
    Graph in Datadog with incident overlay

Integration Details

Thanks to PagerDuty Connect, you can enable this integration in a snap.  Check out the Datadog/PagerDuty integration guide for the full details.