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Welcome to AWS re:Invent 2016

reInvent-rectangle-thumbnailIt begins today, a gathering of IT professionals, practitioners, vendors,  innovators, and disruptors, converging in Las Vegas, to take part in the this year’s hottest IT event — AWS re:Invent 2016. This year, as is many years past, PagerDuty will have a great presence (Booth #911), showcasing the incredible innovations and market leading capabilities we have released over the past year to help ITOps, DevOps, Developers and Support teams get ahead to meet the demands of the business and their customers.

At AWS re:Invent this year, we will be showcasing all the new capabilities our product teams have built to help deliver better software and customer experiences.

A core pillar of what we offer organizations to be successful is easy integration with 175+ different vendor technologies. It’s these integrations that enable every IT team to leverage the functionality of PagerDuty to keep systems running. The AWS CloudWatch integration is an example of a premier integration that thousands of customer are using on daily basis to monitor the health of their AWS cloud infrastructure and orchestrate a response when a disruption occurs.

The AWS CloudWatch integration covers 20 different AWS Services: 

CloudSearch DynamoDB EBS EC2 ECS ELB
Kinesis Lambda ML Redshift RDS SNS
SQS S3 SWF StorageGateway WAF Route53


With the CloudWatch integration, IT teams can:

  • Create an alarm to monitor any Amazon CloudWatch metric, such as:
    • Amazon EC2 instance CPU utilization
    • Amazon ELB request latency
    • Amazon DynamoDB table throughput
    • Amazon SQS queue length
    • The charges on your AWS bill
  • Set custom thresholds with target values that will trigger an alarm
  • View 14 days of alarm history
  • Group alerts by specific attributes to better organize incidents and reduce noise
  • Use PagerDuty as a hub for operations teams to centralize, classify, and enrich events coming from AWS CloudWatch
  • Leverage PagerDuty’s multi-channel alert notification services, including the mobile app, email, SMS and phone for the ideal frequency and re-routing notification methods.

It’s this type of integration that allows IT teams to innovate in the cloud and get the support they need when things break. The AWS CloudWatch integration is just one example of the over 175 integrations we offer out of the box today.

But integrations is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what PagerDuty can do help your IT team succeed. Just a few weeks ago, we launched something amazing — innovations that raised the bar for what you can do with your event data. PagerDuty recently introduced Operations Command Console and Intelligence Applications, expanding what customers can do to keep critical systems and infrastructure running:

  • Interactive event intelligence, pattern detection suppression, and response orchestration enable practitioners and businesses to focus more on managing what matters most — learning and innovating to deliver amazing customer experiences.
  • Full-stack visibility across complex environments brings forward correlated events and the common context for service disruptions for faster resolution.
  • Customizable Intelligence Applications, including Infrastructure Health Application, Service Health Application, Major Incident Application, and Responders Application enable end-to-end management of incidents and response orchestration.

Did I mention the EPIC Ops Kit?

Everything we do, we do for our customers. Trying to make their lives easier so they can continue to innovate and build great things. So as the PagerDuty team was getting  ready for re:Invent this year, we came up with a cool way to help you out if you happen to be on-call. Starting today, and over the next 3 days, we will be holding a draw (once a day) for an On-Call Kit.

The On-Call kits are designed around making your on-call life easier. Each kit is different and contains a selected assortment of items like an Apple Watch, Beats Headphones, Starbucks Coffee, Music Subscription, PagerDuty Towel and T-shirts, Twizzlers and a cool Herschel bag to stash all the gear. We will be holding a draw once a day, at the end of the exhibit hours. All you need to do to enter is stop by booth #911, catch a cool demo, and get scanned!

Visit Booth 911

AWS re:Invent is the premier technology event to showcase innovations in the cloud. This year PagerDuty is ready to deliver. We’ve built some amazing stuff that will help you do your job better, build better software, and deliver better customer experiences. I invite you to stop by Booth #911 and get a demo, pick up a t-shirt or enter your name for a chance to win an EPIC Ops Kit.