PagerDuty becomes Great Place to Work-certified™ in the U.S.

by Joe Militello August 26, 2021 | 4 min read

We’re delighted to announce that PagerDuty has been certified™ as a Great Place to Work© in the U.S. The prestigious award recognizes the best workplaces and company cultures—based entirely on employee feedback. 91% of our employees said PagerDuty is a great place to work, compared to 59% of employees in a typical U.S.-based company.

At PagerDuty, we know that Dutonians (our employees) are our greatest asset, and we’ve always strived to put our people first. This certification shows that the effort we put into creating a welcoming, engaging, and exciting environment is working. Here’s what our Dutonians had to say:

  • 94% said that management is honest and ethical in its business practices
  • 94% said employees are encouraged to balance their work life and their personal life
  • 94% said they feel good about the ways PagerDuty contributes to the community
  • 95% said that, when joining the company, they are made to feel welcome

One of our core values at PagerDuty is to Run Together—to create belonging and strong bonds within teams. These survey findings tell us that we are doing our part and continuing to embody this value.

Dutonian wellness comes first

In response to the pandemic, many Dutonians adapted quickly to working remotely for the first time. Nonetheless, with that shift came new challenges: balancing work with family in a shared working space, assisting children with remote learning, and coping with stress, isolation, and burnout. We listened to our employees’ concerns and evolved our benefits to increase our focus on mental wellness, including introducing Dutonian Wellness Days, an additional day off each month for all employees to unplug and recharge.

Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback shared in this survey on the initiative, I’m happy to announce that Dutonian Wellness Days are no longer a temporary COVID-19 benefit, but a permanent element of the Dutonian experience.

Time outdoors is one of the most popular ways that Dutonians spend their Wellness Days, like Chelsea, pictured here boating on Lake Ontario.

Dutonians are our compass for change

From the challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, the opportunity arose to reinvent how and where we work as a distributed organization. This has led us to establish Distributed by Design, an intentional hybrid work model that empowers employees with flexibility to prioritize balance in their personal lives without compromising professional development. This model gives our employees a choice between remote “anywhere” work or a hybrid in-office option.

Being distributive is our native state. We’re leveraging lessons learned over the past 18 months to make sure every Dutonian has an excellent experience, connected not only to their team but to the traditions and rituals that make PagerDuty a truly special place to work. We’re proud to enable employees to bring their best selves to work—from wherever they are.

Distributed by Design also enables Dutonians to do the best for our customers, and to embrace the Customer Devotion mindset, from wherever they are working. When our customers succeed, we succeed. And when we work better, we can serve our customers better. Over the coming months, we will continue driving forward Distributed by Design to make PagerDuty an even greater place to work.

Whether it’s safely gathering for an in-person meetup, or participating in a Zoom “donut chat,” Dutonians find ways to connect and build relationships with each other, whichever work mode they choose.

Want to join us?

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