Transparent, Real-Time Incident Customer Communication with

by Vivian Au June 25, 2014 | 3 min read

Outages happen. Any amount of downtime is unacceptable to customers, but providing honest, up-to-date information decreases backlash and creates a sense of trust that you’re on it. We’ve partnered with to help you streamline communication to your internal teams and customers.

As the hub of all your operations information, PagerDuty gives users visibility into issues across the entire stack to quickly diagnose root cause issues. While you’re working together to determine the root cause, you can now automatically tie PagerDuty incidents to your internal and external-facing status pages to keep everyone updated on system performance.

Eliminate swarms of emails and tickets

Your colleagues depend on your systems to be up and running to do their jobs. If the network is down, everyone needs to know. With the new integration, engineers can automatically send status notifications company-wide, allowing them to fix the problem at hand while avoiding swarms of internal status emails. For Douglas Jarquin, Technology Operations Manager at Zumba Fitness, after using, “instead of the whole company running to (the IT manager’s) desk, he sends updates company wide with a few clicks.”

Without being bogged down by emails, engineers can focus on fixing the problem. Everyone at all levels of the company can stay up to date on the progress and get notified when issues are fixed so they can get back to it.

Build customer trust

As a SaaS company, uptime is extremely important. Your customers depend on your service to work whenever they need it. Using, your customers can proactively opt in to status notifications, helping you to turn painful outages into memorable customer experiences.

“We struggled to provide appropriate incident communication to our customers with a homegrown status page for years. provides us with the right tool for the job.” – Ernest Durbin, Operations Engineer, KISSmetrics

Deliver relevant information

Your systems are made up of many different functional pieces. With this integration, you can tie PagerDuty Services to a specific Component on your status page. For example, if an incident occurs that affects your APIs, the API Component of your status page will be updated to reflect that issue. With fine-grained settings, customers can subscribe to receive notifications via email, SMS and webhook for a specific piece of your system. You can also add performance metrics such as uptime and response time, helping customers to self-diagnose when there may be a problem with your system.


With PagerDuty and, engineering teams can talk directly with their customers, without ever having to manually send an email or text. Get started today and also subscribe to PagerDuty’s system status page to get updates on how we’re doing.