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Steer Through Incident Storms with Dell Foglight and PagerDuty

dell logoWe are excited to announce our integration partnership with Dell Foglight, a leading application monitoring solution which allows users to get a complete picture of the end user’s application experience. Leading organizations all over the globe use Foglight to improve user satisfaction and ensure the IT environment supports the needs of the organization.

Preventing Customer Capsizes

Foglight improves customer service by helping users gain visibility into application problems before they impact customers. Foglight takes customer analytics one step further by providing real-user experience monitoring to uncover new buying patterns, preferences and why users abandoned transactions. We have all at one time or another left items in an online shopping cart never to return. Foglight helps you diagnose why people don’t purchase.

Keeping websites available and at a high performance is a daunting task. If database CPU issues arise that affect website uptime, Foglight users can trust PagerDuty to alert them however they want – SMS, phone call, push notification or email. Websites run 24/7/365 so someone always has to be on-call to make sure incidents are resolved when they arise. To make on-call easier, you can set-and-forget on-call schedules with PagerDuty. If issues need to be escalated to another team member, you can set auto-escalations rules so there’s no need to memorize one another’s schedules or contact information.

“Managing on-call schedules and ensuring every incident is caught is difficult. PagerDuty gives Foglight customers an easy-to-use platform for incident management.” – Scott Stone, Senior Product Manager

By knowing about issues immediately, Foglight users can resolve them more quickly and keep their customers happy.

Setting Up On-Call Deck Hands

All Foglight customers can begin using PagerDuty by installing the PagerDuty cartridge. Follow these steps to install the PagerDuty cartridge. With Foglight and PagerDuty, you can keep all your systems sailing smoothly.