The Launch of Digital Operations Management

by Tim Armandpour November 17, 2016 | 3 min read

For the past seven years, PagerDuty has been offering a service that you can trust and depend on for being at its best when your critical apps and services may not be. We’ve been here to notify your appropriate team members in a timely and reliable manner in order to raise awareness of issues that may be impacting your business.

Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work innovating, building new products and capabilities to help our customers manage their digital operations effectively. This isn’t getting any easier for technology teams, as the landscape that requires active management continues to increase in complexity. The number of tools used, coupled with the increase in volume of data in play, creates a challenge for any single person or team of people to be effective at keeping the business running when things go bump in the night.

digital-operations-managementToday’s architectures are more complex and require more visibility into the digital stack that powers the business than ever before. Let us help you detect quickly, fix quickly, and learn quickly.

New Innovations In Digital Operations Management

Building on top of our existing foundations for incident management, today I am proud to announce new innovations in digital operations management. These new platform capabilities enable our customers to manage their digital infrastructure far more effectively than ever before.

Operations Command Console

occ-final-whtOperations Command Console creates the contextual awareness with a collection of modular applications that work together to provide actionable full-stack visibility and surface the most important and relevant data required to enable swift action and resolution. Check out the blog to learn more.

Infrastructure Health Application

Infrastructure Health Application is core to our Console experience. It allows you to visually see where clusters of alerts are impacting your entire digital footprint. Having access to this view will enhance your ability to get to resolution quicker than ever before. Read to blog to learn more.

Alert Triage

Alerts are now separate and distinct from incidents. You can merge multiple related alerts together, consolidating the alert context into a single incident. Your most critical information is centralized, allowing for streamlined communications between team members. Now, with less alert noise and fatigue, you can significantly optimize the incident management workflow.

Event Rules and Suppression

Leveraging both alert triage capabilities and event rules that you define, customers can send all their events from any source to PagerDuty, knowing that PagerDuty will leverage the event data to automatically select the right workflow and notification behavior. Suppression minimizes alert fatigue, maximizes operational agility, and reduces responder noise without throwing out valuable data, enabling PagerDuty to truly be the hub of all operations data for our customers.

We are excited to deliver these new products and functionality for our customers. Being competitive in today’s world requires business agility to be realized and managed well. In order for you to be ready for rapid changes and continuous delivery of best in class customer experiences, we are confident that enabling your people with PagerDuty will position your business for success.

Check out our press release to learn more about this announcement.

The PagerDuty Operations Command Console and supporting Intelligence Applications are generally available for purchase.

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