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Now Available: Dynamic Notifications

Dynamic Notifications are now out in the wild! With our launch today, we give PagerDuty users the power to dynamically adjust how they are notified based on the payload of incoming alerts. There’s no need to create specific services to separate issues of different urgencies; instead, users can rest assured that with rules-based automation, all alerts will notify with the right urgency, every time.  

Some of our customers already have great things to say about this functionality, like Michał at Opera Software:

“We’re amazed how Dynamic Notifications boosts the accuracy of notifications sent to our operators.”

Michał Łowicki, Web Services at Opera Software

Dynamic Notification capabilities are made possible by automatically processing the contents of an alert’s payload, and mapping its severity to the correct custom-defined notification type. For example, you might be sending info, warning, error, and critical alerts to a single service in PagerDuty. With Dynamic Notifications, the info and warning alerts will automatically create low-urgency notifications (like an email), while the error and critical alerts will notify responders with high-urgency (like a phone call) and will escalate as needed.

Additionally, our Event Rules Engine provides even more customizability when determining incident notification urgency. For example, if you are unable to configure your upstream monitoring tools to send in specific severities, then you could use event rules to adjust the severity to your needs, and reap all of the benefits of Dynamic Notifications.

We’ve also added Dynamic Notifications to our Support Hours functionality, so you have the flexibility to set specific time windows in which you can customize Dynamic Notification behaviors.

With Dynamic Notifications, you can: 

  1. Process and triage alerts relative to what matters — your services.
  2. Optimize the accuracy of service-based reporting and analytics.
  3. Minimize manual work in ensuring that responders can prioritize what matters.

Dynamic Notifications is generally available at no additional cost to all customers on Standard and above plans. We hope you enjoy this new functionality. We love speaking with our users so please feel free to join our community thread and reach out if you have any questions.