How PagerDuty’s Ecosystem Partners Are Helping People During the COVID-19 Crisis

by Andrew Marshall April 7, 2020 | 5 min read

For many of us, “working” is incredibly difficult right now. That’s true at the organizational level, where maintaining business continuity and accounting for changes in customer needs are even more critical. But it’s also true at the individual level, where the sudden shift to working from home has jolted us all into working in new ways, and made virtual collaboration an essential part of each workday.

You may have read about how PagerDuty is helping those directly or indirectly affected by the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, as well as the data insights we shared recently. Many of our ecosystem partners are delivering services that help organizations and people stay connected and be more productive during the COVID-19 crisis as well. In this blog, we’ll share how some of our ecosystem partners are helping keep people connected and available.

Remote Work and “Work Where You Are”

Making home offices feel like they’re interconnected is challenging for any team, even during (relatively) calm times. Our partner ecosystem builds solutions that enable things like video conferencing, ChatOps, and other collaboration tools to help.

Slack: The sudden shift to remote work means an increased need for employees to stay productive, aligned, and connected as a team. To help teams as they adapt to working remotely, PagerDuty has partnered with Slack to offer customers a 25% discount off Slack for eligible upgrades for 12 months.

Microsoft Teams: With COVID-19 continuing to impact people and countries around the world, teams and schools everywhere are moving to remote work and distance learning. Microsoft Teams has several free options for businesses and distance learning for schools.

Zoom: PagerDuty uses Zoom to keep our worldwide team connected. Zoom put together this resource and sign up page, and is offering K-12 schools access to their no-limit meetings for school districts across the U.S. and in many countries around the world.

Zoho Cliq: Zoho Cliq’s team communication application powers business productivity by organizing people, conversations, and workflows in one single place. To help Zoho Cliq’s current small business customers maintain business continuity, Zoho is offering them three months free.

Sumo Logic: Sumo Logic’s support for remote workforces helps teams with their visibility, management, and security for VPN and SaaS services. They’re offering a 90-day free trial for their work-from-home solutions .

Delivering Great IT and Customer Support

Effective communication with customers and internal teams is crucial, particularly in times of crisis. Our partners who excel in customer service and IT know how important it is to stay connected with stakeholders and are offering the following services during this time:

Zendesk: Zendesk has several offers aimed at helping teams deliver world-class support to customers and employees. They are offering a six-month complimentary Remote Support Bundle for teams to keep up with changing customer demands tied to COVID-19. Additionally, Zendesk’s Tech For Good program can help provide free software and support to help nonprofits and community organizations impacted by COVID-19.

Cherwell: Cherwell compiled an overview of their best practices for ensuring teams are engaged and productive during remote work experiences. They’re offering both their Crisis Management mApp and Remote Employee Management mApp, which help organizations transition to and optimize remote work, for free.

Keeping Critical Applications, Networks, and Infrastructure Running

To deliver critical user experiences for individuals, businesses, and schools, your full stack needs to be performing at its peak during business disruptions like the COVID-19 crisis. Many of our partners provide actionable signals and monitoring needed to do this.

Dynatrace: Dynatrace helps teams keep their critical applications running as expected, even during a crisis. They have a “Healthy Workforce” offer that extends a free trial through May 19, and free SaaS RUM offer through September 19 for qualified users.

AppDynamics: Our partner AppDynamics, which provides teams with application performance monitoring tools, is offering 100 free licenses through their COVID-19 Assist program.

RunDeck: Our partner RunDeck delivers a business continuity solution for digital operations which lets organizations turn their experts’ tribal knowledge into automated procedures that are accessible to the entire team, even when those experts aren’t available.

Catchpoint: Catchpoint helps teams deliver reliable digital apps and services to all employees, which can be even more difficult when your team is 100% remote. Catchpoint is offering free alerting services for collaboration and SaaS apps, free remote employee browser monitoring, and complimentary access to enterprise nodes and endpoint monitoring.

ThousandEyes: ThousandEyes helps ensure that networks and SaaS applications are performing as they should. For remote workers, they’re offering 90-days free use of their End User Monitoring to help companies measure and diagnose application performance on unmanaged networks.

Interested in learning more about our partner ecosystem and how PagerDuty integrates with your critical tools? Check out our Integrations page. Also, find out more about how PagerDuty is helping those directly or indirectly affected by the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.