iCal Integration and Hand-off Notification

- October 25, 2011

Our new calendar is getting its final touches and will add iCal integration to your profile page — if you’d like to get in on the beta, let us know at support@pagerduty.com (I forgot to mention it was still in beta in an earlier version of this post)

Now, you can either download your calendar for the next month, or use a secret URL that’s unique to your user profile to integrate your on-call schedule with whatever calendar app you use.  It’s read-only right now, but there are two things that I’m really excited about:

  • If you share your secret URL with your team, they can add your schedule to their calendar, so managers can see the whole team at once in their calendar.
  • If you use a program that gives you reminders, you can be notified before you go on call, which is a popular ask on our feedback forum

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