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Helping More Non-Profit Organizations Leverage The Power Of PagerDuty through Impact Pricing

Today, we are delighted to share that PagerDuty is enhancing our Impact Pricing to further lower the barriers to access for eligible nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and B Corporations to use PagerDuty in their mission-critical work. Impact Pricing is our customized pricing offering to enable the social sector to more easily access critical technology to achieve its goals. Beginning today, Impact Pricing will provide: 

  • Five free Professional user licences 
  • 40% off additional product
  • Expanded onboarding and training resources

We know that in today’s digital economy, seconds matter. Maybe even more so for mission-driven and nonprofit organizations, where seconds can be a matter of life and death. Whether operating a suicide or safety hotline, delivering disaster relief, time-critical healthcare, or food stamps—such services rely on round-the-clock availability. PagerDuty’s real-time operations platform guarantees reliability and uptime, so that mission-driven organizations can be assured the constituents and communities they work for will never be without their services.

Our vision at PagerDuty is an equitable world where we transform critical work so all teams can delight their customers and build trust. Enhanced Impact Pricing supports this vision by making PagerDuty accessible to more teams from IT to business operations such as constituent service and support. This is particularly important at a time when prices are rising universally and many organizations are working with additional resourcing constraints. We also know that mission-driven teams are committed to being the best stewards of the resources they have, and Impact Pricing helps them meet this goal.

Deepening PagerDuty’s Social Impact 

Our work through, the company’s social impact arm, is a vital part of how we support PagerDuty’s broader vision of an equitable world. mobilizes company assets across our product, people, and philanthropic funding to help organizations save lives by reaching people faster and to advance justice and equity. Combining the capabilities of our platform and the expertise of Dutonians, we work with partners to solve complex social and environmental challenges that help move people from risk to thriving. 

In 2021, provided a total of $804,000 in platform discounts and donations to qualifying nonprofit organizations and B Corps through Impact Pricing. Here are just some of the organizations that we supported.

  • Trek Medics improves emergency response for at-risk and vulnerable populations through innovative mobile phone technologies. It uses PagerDuty to support its Beacon communications platform, through which responders are alerted and coordinated in response to emergencies. 
  • The Trevor Project is a nonprofit organization focused on suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth. It uses PagerDuty to keep its suicide hotline and text services available and ready 24/7.
  • Democracy Works helps Americans vote no matter what, by providing the tools and support needed to confidently participate in elections. It uses PagerDuty to keep its voter engagement platform, TurboVote, and its data tool, Voting Information Project (VIP), running around the clock.

You can learn more about our social impact work in our 2021 Impact Report, and key social and ESG outcomes here

Driving Positive Change Through 2022 and Beyond 

In concert with our improved Impact Pricing offering, we’re creating new programs to provide enhanced support to our nonprofit customers and grant partners. This includes “Health Check” services for our nonprofit customers that we are currently piloting. PagerDuty employees (Dutonians) provide pro bono expertise to nonprofit customers to ensure they are fully benefiting from the PagerDuty platform’s features and benefits. Health Checks will help nonprofit organizations ensure they have a solid foundation in place should they wish to extend the use of the PagerDuty real-time operations platform to other departments, teams, and use cases.

We’re also working with PagerDuty’s Services, Support, and Education teams to create new offerings for nonprofit users to help them adopt proven practices and drive better outcomes for their real-time digital operations. For more information, please contact

From time-critical health to civic engagement to reducing environmental impact, PagerDuty’s technology is the single most valuable asset we can bring to our nonprofit customers. We are committed to continuing to learn alongside our customers and partners to effectively apply our resources and expertise to create a responsive world where everyone has the freedom to thrive.

 To apply for Impact Pricing, visit: