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Incident Status Change Notifications for Peace of Mind

sms-alertGetting paged for an incident and rushing to your computer only to find that the incident was auto-resolved or acknowledged by another team member is incredibly frustrating.

We’ve heard the feedback loud and clear, and we’ve recently released incident status update notifications – now you can customize how you’d like to be alerted when the status changes on one of your incidents.

Incident status change notifications can tell you when:

  • An incident is escalated (and therefore no longer assigned to you)
  • An incident is resolved (either automatically or by someone else)
  • An incident is acknowledged by someone else (this may be handy if you’re using a multi-user escalation policy).

You can customize when and how you’d like to be notified about incident status changes from your PagerDuty account. Simply log into PagerDuty and navigate to your profile. On the page, you’ll see the “Status Updates” section, and from there you can customize your status update notification preferences.

incident-status-updatesQuestions? Contact Support.