New! Fully Native Mobile Apps & Ack from Push

by Julie Arsenault February 11, 2015 | 2 min read

Making mobile incident response even easier

More and more, responders are using the PagerDuty mobile app as their first response tool to critical incidents. Just this past fall, push overtook email as our most popular alerting method, and customers continue to tell us our mobile app is one of their favorite parts of PagerDuty.

We’ve made three exciting changes to our mobile apps recently. First, we launched fully native apps at the beginning of December, bringing easier navigation, faster page load times, and an improved incident list layout with more prominent controls and easy filtering.


Second, we just launched actionable notifications to continue our mission to help responders on the go. Our customers have come to rely on push notifications as their first point of incident response, and we’ve been investing in making them even more user-friendly. Last summer, we added custom alert sounds so you could distinguish between a PagerDuty alert and your latest Facebook update.


With our newest release, you can acknowledge your incidents directly from the push notification, without even needing to open the app! This lets responders let their team know they’re on the problem, and helps companies keep their time to incident response as low as possible.

Finally, as a bonus for our iOS 8 users, we added a “Today View” widget which shows you when you’re on call next. This was originally a hackday project in October, and we’re excited for it to be an official part of the PagerDuty app.


Visit the iOS app store or Google Play store today to update to the latest version. Comments? Feedback? Let us know at