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PagerDuty Giving Back to the Community: Helping Unhoused Families Find Dignity with Hygiene Kits

This blog was co-authored by Camden Louie, Technical Trainer for PDU and May Tong from Technology Ecosystem

This volunteer opportunity is dedicated in memory of Phylicia Jones (PJ). We will miss you. Thanks for always volunteering and giving back with PagerDuty.

In October, more than 20 Dutonains came together in San Francisco to assemble 50+ hygiene kits for Compass Family Services. Families in San Francisco have been particularly impacted by COVID-19 and other economic changes in the area over the last few years, necessitating organizations like Compass Family Services to help those “who are at risk to become stably housed, emotionally and physically healthy, and economically self-sufficient.” Providing hygiene kits to homeless families provides a person with dignity. More than 150 kits have been donated by Bay Area Dutonians in 2022, supported by volunteer donations as team members live the company values #Ack&Own and #RunTogether. 

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Using company awards and donating funds, Dutonians rallied together to raise $500+ for one of the first in-person San Francisco volunteering opportunities since returning to the office in 2021. We successfully campaigned, bought, and assembled the following kits this quarter: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, socks, masks, washcloth, toothbrush, and toothpaste. 

We aim to keep this volunteer opportunity going for the rest of FY23 in the San Francisco office. This will allow us to donate kits in the future for other local populations.

Stats for the campaign thus far:

  • Assembled 50+ hygiene kits this quarter
  • 450+ items were used to assemble the kits this quarter; Overall we utilized 1,350 items to make a total of 150 kits in 2022
  • Donations: $500+
  • In-person volunteers: 20+
  • Volunteer hours: 40+

Special thanks to all of our SF volunteers and Dutonians who made a financial donation to this volunteer opportunity. A big thanks to Kandace Bona and the crew who organized a party with treats.

Here are a few snaps of our volunteer opportunity from the San Francisco office:

Image of PagerDuty employees assembling kits

Image of PagerDuty employees assembling kits