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PagerDuty Impact Report: Advancing Social Impact Through Our Levers of Change

by Olivia Khalili April 19, 2023 | 5 min read

Today, amidst an accelerating drumbeat of corporate accountability and commitments, we’re proud to announce the release of PagerDuty’s third annual Impact Report. 

Our report describes the work we’ve done over the past year to advance social impact and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) through our levers of change—the actions we take or assets we leverage to effect or influence positive systemic change— across all our stakeholders. It contains critical data and metrics from our cross-functional Social Impact team, including our ESG disclosures. In it, we shine a spotlight on some of the mission-critical organizations that benefit from our affordable product access and investments in our key areas of Time-Critical Health and Climate Equity. We also highlight Dutonian Changemakers—a few of the many employees who embody our commitment to social impact through their actions and efforts.

Read the full PagerDuty Fiscal Year 2023 Social Impact Report, published today.

How we seek to build an equitable world and sustainable future

Our approach to social impact continues to evolve to maximize our ability to influence positive systemic change. We apply a “levers of change” framework that guides how we accelerate outcomes for all stakeholders, including our employees, customers, communities, investors, and the planet. These levers—our products, philanthropic funding, employee expertise, planetary commitments, and responsible business practices—help us realize our vision for a more equitable world and sustainable future. 

Below, I break down what each lever means, and highlight some of the successes we’ve achieved under each in the last year.

1. Our products: We deploy PagerDuty’s platform to support nonprofits, B Corps, and higher education organizations in delivering on their mission-critical work.

  • We enhanced our Impact Pricing offering to nonprofits and B Corps to provide increased product discounts (40% discount on all products and services beyond the initial 5 free licenses), and expanded eligibility to include higher education institutions, resulting in a 67% increase in new applicants.
  • We served 306 Impact Customers through our Impact Pricing offering.

“Too often, corporations that offer free or discounted services to nonprofits end their engagement with NGOs after they have provided the licensing. PagerDuty has taken the time to ensure that those who benefit from their impact programs are truly positioned for success.”— Chris Hillis (he/him), Co-Founder, Information Technology Disaster Resource Center

2. Philanthropic investments: We’re mobilizing our funding, product, people, and voice to meet our partners’ needs.

  • We deployed $1.25M in our two portfolio areas of Time-Critical Health and Climate Equity. 
  • We provided $1.2M in product discounts and product donations to impact organizations.
  • We launched the PagerDuty Impact Accelerator, providing $800,000 in unrestricted funding to four tech-forward organizations, along with product credits and discounts, technical pro bono support, and voice amplification. 
  • 90% of our philanthropic investments support organizations led by a woman or a non-majority leader.

“PagerDuty is a valuable funder and partner, willing to design programs with us specifically in mind. We are a software company building tech for good, and as our tech stack becomes bigger and more complicated, solutions like PagerDuty become more important. PagerDuty allows us to prioritize and identify potential issues quickly, so that we can focus on the things most important to our users.”— Kiah Williams (she/her), Co-Founder, SIRUM


3. Our people: We are building a culture of changemakers, where employees can thrive, grow, and positively impact their communities. 

  • We reached parity in global gender pay equity, and improved pay equity for our U.S.-based underrepresented population to within one cent ($0.99 to $1.00). 
  • Our Board is diverse in both gender and race/ethnicity, with 44% of our Board identifying as women and 67% identifying as racially diverse. 
  • 95% of global employees volunteered or donated to a cause.
  • 90% of employees cited PagerDuty’s social impact work as making them proud to work for the company.

“Social impact is a big part of why I joined PagerDuty. Being able to work somewhere I can grow in my career and give back to my community makes me proud to work at PagerDuty. Social impact and inclusion is at the core of our culture and PagerDuty.org makes it easy for every employee to be aware of and contribute to great causes.” — Kent Chao (he/him), VP, Finance

4. Planet stewardship: We are working across our value chain to help create an inclusive, low-carbon economy.

  • We completed four years’ worth of carbon footprints, with expanded analyses of our value-chain emissions for FY22 and FY23. 
  • We will submit science-based climate targets in FY24 with a plan to address these reduction focus areas: workplace, data center providers, business travel, and value-chain emissions.

5. Responsible business practices: We’re institutionalizing ESG into how we operate as a company.

  • We improved or maintained strong ESG ratings, including EcoVadis Silver for the second year in a row and top 25% in the tech industry for our inaugural S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment.
  • We appointed our first Chief Information Security Officer to oversee our data privacy, security, and ethics. 

What’s next

We’ve made great progress around our social impact goals, but we know there is always more work to do. In the next year, we plan to:

  • Perform a double materiality assessment to reevaluate and recommit to our ESG priority focus areas.
  • Submit science-based climate targets and develop a cross-discipline climate action plan to support the global need to limit warming to 1.5°C, as laid out by the Paris Agreement.
  • Launch an inaugural corporate match program that will match employee philanthropic donations.

PagerDuty views its social and environmental risks and opportunities as fundamental to practicing business responsibility and creating value for all stakeholders. Integrating Social Impact and sustainability policies and practices, and ESG metrics, into each business function is key to our leadership as a purpose-driven company.

Read the full PagerDuty Fiscal Year 2023 Social Impact Report.