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New PagerDuty Integrations: Apica and Stackdriver

PagerDuty is proud to announce two more product integrations! We now directly integrate with two cloud monitoring services: Apica and Stackdriver.

Apica: Web Performance Monitoring

Apica is a powerful website and mobile monitoring tool for verifying that your website is available and responding as expected. The integration enables Apica’s alerts to automatically trigger incidents within PagerDuty any time your website becomes unavailable.

apica integration

The Apica integration takes only a few moments to configure. Go to our Apica integration guide for simple instructions.

Stackdriver: Intelligent Cloud Monitoring

Stackdriver is a SaaS monitoring solution that uses data analytics to help you identify and resolve critical issues with your cloud-based applications. Stackdriver makes it easy to monitor your cloud infrastructure, systems, and application services.


Stackdriver has implemented a deep integration with PagerDuty, so alerts from Stackdriver can automatically trigger PagerDuty incidents. And then any incident status changes in PagerDuty will be update in StackDriver.

Integration with Stackdriver is pretty straightforward. You can find instructions in our Stackdriver integration guide. If you have any integration issues, please contact us at support at pagerduty dot com and we’d be happy to help.