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PagerDuty Introduces Team Organization Feature

Manage Teams on PagerDuty Across Your Entire Organization

No matter what team you’re on, PagerDuty helps you resolve incidents faster. DevOps involves collaboration across multiple teams for better reliability and quality assurance. Having a central, shared tool like PagerDuty to manage incidents across the company makes that collaboration a heck of a lot simpler. Our new team organization feature makes it even easier for different teams like Operations, Development, and Customer Support to work together. Here’s how:

Cut down on noise.

Across your entire organization, you might have hundreds of services, and dozens of open incidents. You don’t necessarily want to see open incidents from every team or every service on your dashboard; sometimes, you just want to see what your team is responsible for. Otherwise, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by noise, and we’re all about cutting down on alert fatigue here at PagerDuty! Use the team organization feature to filter incidents, schedules, and services so that users only see information relevant to them.

team org 1


Know, in real time, what teams are putting out fires right now.

Want to know who is working on a highly urgent incident? Sorting your view by teams lets you know. This can be particularly handy if an internal stakeholder wants to get a sense of what is going on, and whom they can ask about it (or whom they need to leave alone). This can be particularly useful for support staff who might need specific information to answer a service ticket or manage customer communication.

team view

Learn what services are assigned to which teams.

At a large organization, it’s easy to lose track of what services and escalation policies belong to which teams. By organizing by teams, you have a clear picture of what incidents are open and whose problem they are. View by team to get a better idea of how responsibilities break down along team lines.

Ready to get started?

Check out our guide to learn more on how to organize your teams on your PagerDuty account.