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PagerDuty’s New Mobile Incident Management App: Optimized for Speed & Usability


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Since the early days we have been focused on improving incident management on-the-go. When your IT monitoring tool finds a problem in your app, server or website, PagerDuty offers phone call and SMS alerts to reach you anywhere in the world.

Our new mobile app truly makes PagerDuty a mobile incident management platform designed to get your teams responding to incidents quickly. The mobile app is great for those moments when you may be distracted or asleep in the middle of the night when an incident occurs.

Receiving push notifications is a great way to speed up your team’s response times to incidents. For no additional cost, push notifications can be received anywhere in the world that has wi-fi or a cellular connection. By adding redundancy, you won’t have to worry about dropped calls or delayed SMS messages, like the three day late “Happy New Years” text.

Incident Management Anywhere There’s Cellular Service or Wi-Fi

At a glance, you can visually check the status of your app using the new Global Status Indicator. Or if you’re on-call quickly acknowledge, resolve or re-assign incidents with just a swipe and tap of your finger with our app’s intuitively designed navigation.

The new app is more than an improvement on it’s previous version it’s a complete reimagination. Check out the video below to see the PagerDuty mobile app in action:

Early Customer Reactions

We’d also like to thank all of our customers that gave us awesome feedback during the initial launch of our first app and recent public beta. A lot of the input we received influenced the launch version of our app and we will continue to iterate on the app over the upcoming weeks and months.

Incidents occur when I am away from my desk, so the new PagerDuty mobile application makes it easy for me to manage incidents on-the-go. I can acknowledge and re-assign incidents with a few clicks and lower my MTTR. – Rob Cameron, Principal Engineer – Cloud DevOps, NetSkope

Great way to stay alert. The October 2013 update is awesome. The mobile app is now fully functional. Great work guys. Been a fan of the service for 3 years. – Stan Sorochan, EPAM Systems

New version is way better. The new version fixes usability. Great update! – Guilherme M. Nogueira, INRIA

We’re always listening to our customers’ feedback. If you have any thoughts about the new app shoot us an email at

Download the New Mobile App

If you haven’t already updated to our latest app you can download it on Apple’s App Store or Google Play as a free addition to your PagerDuty account.