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PagerDuty Recap: AWS Summit – San Francisco

Last week, PagerDuty had the pleasure of attending AWS Summit on our home turf in San Francisco. It was nothing short of epic.

The Amazon Web Services crowd is definitely our niche. AWS is a critical component of the PagerDuty platform, and our three founders actually came up with the idea for PagerDuty while working at Amazon! So, naturally, we feel totally in our element surrounded by other AWS fans at these types of events.

A lot of folks we had the pleasure of speaking with were current customers. We always enjoy getting to know our users! We loved talking with everyone about how they use our on-call performance platform, and discussing how PagerDuty has helped them resolve outages quickly. And we got to hand out some cool swag, of course! Our awesome new emoji stickers and PagerDuty shirts were quite popular. Thanks to the folks that Tweeted us saying they were the best ones out there!

AWS Swag

Most of the conversations I had at the booth surrounded ways of implementing our tools to streamline the incident lifecycle. A lot of folks were curious about integrating PagerDuty with one of over 100 monitoring tool partners like CloudWatch or Nagios. Others wanted to know what new features we have to throw into the mix. We got to walk them through our new Teams feature, as well as our other features like Rich Events, Single Sign-On and Analytics.

It’s amazing to see the diversity of folks at these event. Small companies with only one or two employees and large corporations like Nike both see the need and the benefit of implementing PagerDuty. We love attending these events and talking to the people that keep applications and websites up and running. It’s cool to really get down in the trenches with on-call engineers and developers and see what we can do to make their lives better. If you have any suggestions about how we can improve our product, or just want to chat with us, please be sure to stop by our booth at any and every of the events we attend. You can’t miss our bright green, luminous booth.

Hope to see you at the next one! We will be at ServiceNow in Las Vegas and DevOps Days: Rockies in Denver next week.