The Roadmap for Modern Operations

by Manish Kalra August 3, 2016 | 3 min read

Digital Transformation. Digital Innovation. Digital Acceleration

How many times a week have you come across the words I listed above? You’ve probably heard them from you your boss, a peer, an analyst or even vendor like us. It’s so easy to say these words without explaining how to get there. Rather than just telling you that you need to transform your environment to meet the demands of your changing business environment, I’m going to invite you to learn how to do something about it and provide you a way to build the ideal roadmap for your needs.

Here at PagerDuty, we decided to build something unique . We’re holding a one day conference that enables the DevOps and IT Ops communities to come together and learn from experts in the field — and to do it for free. We want attendees to come and learn, and to build a roadmap that guides them through this ever critical digital transformation and to build an essential modern ops environment.

The conference is PagerDuty Summit.

Unlike many vendor conferences, that tend to focus heavily on their own technology, we’ve invited leaders from bellwether organizations to join us in San Francisco to share what they do in their companies to stay ahead of the competition and meet customer demands. You’ll hear a lot of great content from many  speakers. But it isn’t just about what these organizations can do, it’s about what they can teach all those in attendance — what learnings can attendees take away and implement right away to make a difference on day one?

What’s in it for me?

Attend PagerDuty Summit to hear about the latest in DevOps trends and learn best practices from Gene Kim, best-selling author of The Phoenix Project. You’ll be able to attend deep technical sessions, delivered by experts from Google, Splunk, IBM, Operable, SPS Commerce and DropBox, to discover how they run a modern operations environment. Best of all, you’ll be able to find an expert that can help answer any burning questions that may come up in real-time.

By attending PagerDuty Summit, you get to spend a day with like-minded professionals that will help you build the roadmap you need with best practices to finally build that modern ops environment.

PagerDuty Summit is something unique we have decided to create, so the IT Ops and DevOps communities can come together and learn from each other, so you can network, make new friends and share ideas with your peers.

Registration for PagerDuty Summit is open but space is limited. Clear your calendars on September 13th and attend an event that will have an immediate impact on what you do day-to-day. This truly is one of those rare opportunities where you will be able to learn from the industry’s best without having to worry about registrations fees or justification letters to you manager.

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