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Announcing the Winners of 2017 PagerDuty Digital Operations Excellence Awards

The time has come to finally announce the winners of the second annual customer and partner awards, PagerDuty Digital Operations Excellence. The awards were announced live on stage yesterday as part of our CEO’s Keynote at Summit 2017, in San Francisco. We’ve selected individuals and organizations that represent some of the best PagerDuty customers and partners who are implementing an innovative and transformative approach to digital operations management.

It is exciting to see the creative and impactful new use cases that have continued to germinate across the PagerDuty community.

Winners were announced in eight categories:

Partner Awards Categories

Innovation Award

The Partner Innovation Award recognizes an organization within the PagerDuty partner community that has achieved and/or demonstrated excellence in delivering value to the  PagerDuty customer community. The winner of this award reflects the top-performing partners within specific technology markets (e.g. cloud migration, toolchains, security, customer support, etc) and showcases how the partner has worked with PagerDuty and our customer community to deliver innovative solutions in the area of incident management.

Winner: Amazon Web Services

As a unique partner, AWS CloudWatch’s integration with PagerDuty creates a world-class, scalable solution that brings system-wide visibility and provides ultimate flexibility in digital operations management. The easy to implement solution requires no downtime, no need to re-architect your AWS environment and brings significant improvement to the overall customer experience.

Transformation Award

The Partner Transformation Award recognizes an organization within the PagerDuty partner community that has been in the forefront of digital transformation and has demonstrated either by their best practices, technology, or policies to improve operational performance and the customer experience.

Winner: Atlassian

Atlassian’s collaboration with PagerDuty has created a successful synergy between two industry-leading technologies that together deliver innovative solutions to help our customers deliver even better customer experiences. The integration extends PagerDuty into JIRA Software Cloud with powerful capabilities like easy setup, mapping, and one-click JIRA ticket creation. PagerDuty looks forward to furthering collaboration with Atlassian to continue to provide innovative solutions to our customers.

Customer Awards Categories

Scaling Digital Operations Management

The Scaling Digital Operations Management Award is given to an enterprise customer who uses PagerDuty to effectively align and engage the critical workforce across multiple organizations at scale.

Winner: Twitter

With more than 320 million active users and a platform that benchmarks real-time communication, Twitter has no margin for downtime. By leveraging PagerDuty, Twitter has assurance for the performance and availability of their overall service and micro-services. With a heavy focus on data and optimizing digital services, Twitter has extended core usage with PagerDuty’s robust REST API for custom reporting + analytics at scale.

Enterprise Winner: IBM

Even companies that have best of breed technology and long standing relationships with clients, such as IBM, need to continuously look for new ways to stay agile and deliver even better experiences. IBM not only leverages PagerDuty to flip their traditional development practices on its head but uses the tools to scale the process across the entire organization for agility across functions, ultimately delivering an exceptional client experience.

Customer Experience

The Customer Experience award is given to the customer who uses PagerDuty to ensure a seamless, omnichannel digital experience in order to provide world-class customer experience.

Winner: Gap

As a leading specialty retailer, Gap is expected to deliver world-class customer experience. As the demands of the digital world continue to grow, so does risk. Gap is leveraging PagerDuty to stay ahead of digital operations management, significantly drive down average time to respond and keep their business faster and more reliable than ever before. In addition, Gap is drastically improving the lives of on-call employees by delivering real-time transparency and actionable insights into critical incidents.

Best Customer Support Use Case

The Customer Support Use Case Award is given to the customer whose team has most shown significant improvement in mitigating and resolving customer-facing issues, to provide a seamless and positive experience.

Winner: GE Digital

GE Digital has transformed from 95 different support systems across eight organizations, to a single integrated digital customer support process. Through adoption of PagerDuty, GE Digital has proven a 66% reduction in the average time to resolve customer issues.

Best Security Incident Response

The Security Use Case Award is given to the customer whose team has effectively leveraged PagerDuty to gain critical insight into all security related touch points across the organization and rapidly deliver action.

Winner: Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks helps some of the most powerful companies mitigate cybersecurity risk. To stay successful, it is critical to stay two-steps ahead of any incident or potential downtime. By implementing PagerDuty, Palo Alto Networks has significantly improved how their team identifies, manages and responds to potential risk and allows their customers peace of mind so they can protect their most valued data assets and critical control systems.


The Culture Award honors a customer who has leveraged PagerDuty to maximize team health and build an agile, empowering culture for their teams.

Winner: Airbnb

With 150 million users and 3 million listings worldwide, Airbnb has completely disrupted the hospitality industry as it connects people to unique travel experiences. By leveraging PagerDuty with DevOps best practices, Airbnb enables more engineers across the organization to go on-call and ensure high-performing services at any scale. Airbnb is deeply engaged in driving accountability and balance across the critical tasks required to keep the lights on, as well as in proactively optimizing the health of their on-call teams.

Kick Start

The Kick Start Award is given to a start-up customer who has integrated PagerDuty to kick start their path to digital operations management.

Winner: Outcome Health

Dealing with the high-pressure demands of rapid growth, Outcome Health knew they couldn’t compromise the health of their digital infrastructure and operations. By turning to PagerDuty they were able to leverage an enterprise class solution that allowed them to streamline incident response management and go above and beyond to deliver exceptional customer experience.

A huge thank you to all of our customer and partner winners this year!