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You Voted: Announcing the Winner of Our Alert Sound Contest #pickyourpage


And the Winner Is…

After getting our exciting entries from you guys and narrowing it down to five stellar finalists, you guys all helped #pickyourpage and now, we have our alert sound contest winner.

We compiled all the votes from our online poll and from our voting stations at AWS-re:Invent, and the winner turned out to be one of our own – Taavi Burns, our resident Defect Poacher (aka, software developer). But Taavi is much more than that – he’s also a musician, with a passion for composition and singing. He performs with an a capella group in his off hours.

“All of the alert tones start off loud,” said Taavi. “I figured that we should have at least one that starts off quietly so you can keep things quiet if you’re paying attention…but it will wake you up if you’re not. I’d like to thank Countermeasure for the past year of singing and learning that made this production possible! ?” Taavi’s recording (known as Submission 4 to our voters) will be included in our November release of the mobile app.

Wake Up, You’re On Call

The idea for this contest started when we received the cutest on-call alert sound we’d ever heard, we wanted to see what else our creative community had in them. We accepted entries to our alert sound contest from September 21-October 2, and voting was open last week, both online and at AWS re:Invent in our booth.

PagerDuty users have long had the ability to choose custom alert sounds to help them distinguish an alert from a call from their mom, but this was the first time we invited users to create their own. Which is important, since PagerDuty helps users never miss an incident, and reduces incident resolution time.

Viva Las Vegas

We loved having a voting station at AWS re:Invent! Customers got to talk to us about what they want in an alert sound and how they use PagerDuty to ensure that they never miss an alert. We had a great time handing out socks to voters and getting to know our customers. Some of the buzz was about how Incident Urgencies, PagerDuty’s newest feature, can help companies do DevOps better. And we got a chance to mingle at our co-sponsored happy hour with Logentries and Datadog at Aquanox. Our Twitter feed has some awesome photos from the event.
We were honored to be named one of the hottest products at AWS re:Invent by Network World. Check out our other partners that were mentioned.