Page It To The Limit Podcast

by Scott McAllister December 17, 2019 | 2 min read

Your podcast feed is about to get a lot more eventful!

Introducing “Page It To The Limit,” a new podcast by the Community team here at PagerDuty that discusses what it means to operate software in production. In each episode, we cover the leading practices used in the software industry to improve both system reliability and the lives of the people responsible for supporting it.

Join our hosts every few weeks as they discuss topics important to the software industry. The general format will include interviews with knowledgeable guests from the industry, while some episodes will include a group conversation with some—or even all—of the PagerDuty Advocates.

We start the series off getting to know each of the hosts and talking about a few of the things on their minds. The conversations from this episode will help shape the tone and expectation of future episodes. We might even share a few bits of the podcast’s origin story—like what’s with the name Page It To The Limit?

The other episodes you can look out for will cover a variety of software-related topics, with tips and learnings from a crew of guests with a wealth of expertise. Honeycomb CEO and Co-founder Christine Yen will talk about Observability with Matt Stratton while Bruce Wong is going to discuss why it’s a good idea to purposefully introduce failure into our processes so we can learn. And finally, Google’s Yuri Grinshteyn will share his insight on producing smart alerts that are more actionable, and thus more valuable, to your teams.

There may even be episodes highlighting some of the development tools needed for engineers these days, such as HashiCorp’s Terraform—which allows infrastructure to be declaratively defined through code.

Each episode is slated to be around 30 minutes so you can easily consume the information and not get overloaded. We encourage feedback and hope you’ll let us know what topics you would like to hear about. Each episode will include show notes, which you can find on, as well as a dedicated thread on the PagerDuty Community forum that will allow you to easily discuss the topics with other listeners and the advocacy team.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the podcast (and subscribe to it!) at