PagerDuty Launches Product Donation Program to Benefit Social Impact Organizations

by Olivia Khalili September 12, 2018 | 4 min read

At PagerDuty, we’re interested in how we can apply the same assets that differentiate our business—our product and people—to help social impact organizations better deliver on their missions. Whether it’s donating time through company-wide volunteering or taking steps to create a workplace reflective of the diverse communities around us, we believe in the power of the collective to improve lives.

This commitment to improved livelihoods is the genesis of PagerDuty. The company was founded on the simple idea to make digital workers’ lives better. In a world where seconds matter, customers from large enterprises such as IBM to smaller nonprofits like Rainforest Connection trust PagerDuty to improve their real-time operations.

We know the right tools can change a life in a heartbeat. Tens of thousands of customers rely on PagerDuty every day to surface the right information at the right time—and we believe social impact organizations should have the ability to do so, too.

Introducing PagerDuty Impact Pricing

A year ago, we codified our commitment to make community a key stakeholder in the business by pledging 1% of equity, 1% of employee volunteer time, and 1% of product to accelerate the work of social impact organizations through technology and capacity building.

Today, we’re introducing Impact Pricing, which offers 10 free licenses for our Platform Team plan to nonprofits and social enterprises committed to creating positive change . With this plan, users gain access to features like On-Call Management and Notification capabilities, as well as integrations with top tools. Teams can get up and running instantly to drive real-time response for any digital signal that needs attention, whether that’s staffing a high-volume crisis hotline, powering a mobile disaster-alerting app, or combating cyberbullying. At the same time, Impact Pricing allows the most resource-constrained organizations, like small nonprofits, to also mobilize resources in real time with the same level of operational efficiency as larger businesses.

“Digital isn’t just for businesses. It’s part of the fabric of all organizations that exist today and it plays a critical role for communities and organizations who rely on technology as much as any Fortune 500 enterprise company. We are excited to offer real-time operations management support to these organizations on the nonprofit side of the spectrum,” said Jennifer Tejada, CEO, PagerDuty.

Representing around 1% of our current customer base, our nonprofit users span multiple sectors and geographies, from Crisis Text Line, to Canadian Blood Services, to the Wikimedia Foundation.

“We love PagerDuty because it allows us to get alerting in real time. We have to have the platform.The nature of what we do requires a platform that works all the time,” said Jason Bennett, CTO at Crisis Text Line, which provides free crisis intervention 24/7.

More Than Just Product Donation

While a key component of our social impact strategy, product donation is just one of the areas we’re investing in to drive change at scale. Our early efforts include:

  • Dedicated Resourcing. I joined the company this summer as Vice President of Global Social Impact and Philanthropy to build out a comprehensive and long-term strategy to align core assets—our people, product, and resources—to accelerate the impact of mission-driven organizations globally.
  • Inclusive Diversity Partnerships. We’ve invested in partnerships with Hackbright Academy, CODE2040, Girls in Tech, and the Hispanic IT Executive Council (HiTEC), providing seven internships and hiring five candidates into full-time roles in the past year. New partnerships with Techtonica and the Bridge School will build on these successes and lessons learned.
  • Employee Volunteer Time. We’ve formalized 20 hours of annual paid volunteer time off for employees globally. This past summer, team members across our five regional offices used that time to build homes and playhouses with Habitat for Humanity.
  • PagerDuty Summit 2018. We’ve woven impact into our annual conference experience, with nonprofit keynote speakers, an inaugural Impact Award recognizing a customer that uses PagerDuty to effectively addresses social challenges, on-site volunteering, and sponsored donations.

PagerDuty’s impact can be bigger than business alone. We’re just getting started. Join us by referring your favorite nonprofit for Impact Pricing, and share your ideas or stories of mission-driven organizations using PagerDuty to drive change with #PDSocialImpact.