PagerDuty integrates with Salesforce

by Baskar Puvanathasan April 16, 2013 | 2 min read

Salesforce DeskWe all know the great importance of customer service in this modern Internet era.  One of the things that contribute to providing great customer service is the ability for an organization to quickly respond to customer issues.  PagerDuty is all about providing tools to quickly resolve critical issues in an organization, including customer issues.  With this in mind, we are very excited to announce a new kind of integration, a first of many – integration with a leading customer support solution provider, Salesforce

IT alerting, coming to a help desk near you

Customer with a 3:00 am issueImagine a scenario where one of your high-value customer files an urgent ticket at 3:00 a.m., hoping to get to a quick resolution.  With a traditional setup, that ticket won’t be answered until the next business day.  PagerDuty integration with changes all that – an action setup in would trigger a PagerDuty incident that would wake up the appropriate support on-call to handle the situation.  You also get the other benefits that come with PagerDuty, including alerts via SMS, phone and push notification and the ability to escalate unhandled incidents.  If you’d like to get started, we have written an easy to follow integration guide for you.

PagerDuty incident

We at PagerDuty, along with Salesforce are very excited to provide this integration so that you can wow your customers.  Please feel free to test-drive the integration by creating a trial PagerDuty account.

Photo credit: Bram Cymet / Creative Commons Flickr