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Report from ServiceNow Knowledge 15

PagerDuty Knowledge15

Last week, we sponsored a booth and participated with all of ServiceNow’s awesome partners at Knowledge 15 in Las Vegas! ServiceNow is a a powerful platform-as-a-service for IT teams. The theme of this conference was Everything-as-a-Service, with an emphasis on cloud-based services for the enterprise environment. We attended great sessions and learned about innovative things being done in this space.

We heard success stories from customers who use PagerDuty to enhance their ServiceNow experience. ServiceNow customers use PagerDuty’s robust on-call scheduling, notifications, and escalations with ServiceNow’s workflow and ticketing capabilities. They can set up ServiceNow tickets to be sent as PagerDuty alerts, and use our dashboard as a centralized place to see incoming incidents not just from ServiceNow, but from any other tools their organization uses. (Almost anything can be integrated with PagerDuty’s REST API).

Users told us that PagerDuty helped them customize how they are alerted for ServiceNow tickets. PagerDuty has a bi-directional integration with ServiceNow. This means that incidents can be acknowledged, delegated to another group, and resolved in either system. Users choose how they want to receive alerts (SMS, phone call, or email) and how often, making it hard for tickets to fall through the cracks. They can also set their own custom alerting cadence so, for example, a user can set her notification rules to receive alerts via SMS immediately, then via phone call at five minute intervals. Then, if she still hasn’t acknowledged, the alert can move to a teammate or manager. ServiceNow customers definitely appreciated PagerDuty’s persistence!

Be sure to stop by our booth at one of these events we’re sponsoring in May and check out cool sessions from our PagerDuty All-Stars!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all at Knowledge16!