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Announcing the PagerDuty App for Splunk

Operational Intelligence Meets the Fastest Path to Incident Resolution

Splunk Enterprise is the industry-leading platform for machine data. It collects all your machine data from wherever it’s generated, and then enables you to you to search, monitor, and analyze that data from one place in real time. Organizations across the globe have benefited from this market-leading platform to troubleshoot problems and investigate incidents small or big in minutes, avoiding service disruptions and outages.

Splunk has some amazing features to pinpoint a problem, but what happens when Splunk finds that “needle in the haystack” and an on-call engineer needs to know about it and resolve it immediately?

With PagerDuty, it’s easy; with a native integration from PagerDuty, it’s even easier.

Today at PagerDuty, we are proud to announce the immediate availability of the PagerDuty App for Splunk.

The PagerDuty App for Splunk enables Splunk Enterprise customers to:

  • Leverage the Splunk alerts framework with one click, which saves users significant time and energy.
  • Connect a single Splunk instance to multiple PagerDuty services or accounts, which allows users to tailor their Splunk alerts in PagerDuty to their specific needs and workflow.
  • Streamline and group incident data within PagerDuty, which reduces alert noise and information overload by allowing users to group incidents in a manner that makes sense to them.

The new App is available on SplunkBase for immediate download, so when you find that problem in Splunk, you can resolve it even faster with PagerDuty. If you want a quick tour, checkout the great video our team made.

At PagerDuty we offer over 150 integrations for ITOps, DevOps, ChatOps, and ticketing tools to help you keep your services running and customers happy. If you’re new to PagerDuty, sign-up for a free trial and see how in minutes you can resolve incidents faster than ever before.