Announcing Speaker Sessions at PagerDuty Summit 2019

by Andrew Turner July 31, 2019 | 4 min read

We are only weeks away from PagerDuty Summit 2019, and we have a lot in store for you at this year’s event. In addition to our exciting keynote speakers, we’ll also have several speakers spanning multiple industries discussing an assortment of topics, ranging from DevOps best practices to chaos engineering—and we’re excited to highlight some sessions from each track!

PagerDuty Summit 2019 features four main tracks: Innovation, Business Value, Best Practices, and Ecosystem. Let’s dive into each track below and see what each session has to offer.


Developing on PagerDuty: Building Experiences to Leverage PagerDuty’s Operational Data
Presenter: Anu Jain, Senior Software Engineer, Salesforce; John Baldo, PagerDuty
Learn how to quickly start building a PagerDuty app or integration with our latest developer tooling. Anu Jain, Senior Software Engineer at Salesforce, will highlight what his team has built using the PagerDuty integration, the major use cases it applies to, and the road ahead.

Automate Incident Response Lifecycle With Business-Wide Orchestration.
Presenter: Amit Juyal, Senior Service Lifecycle Manager, Sky Betting and Gaming; Paul Rechsteiner, PagerDuty
Major incidents strike at the most inopportune times, leaving teams scrambling to coordinate the proper business and technical response needed to minimize impact to the business. In this session, you will learn how to improve the automation and orchestration of incidents using PagerDuty Modern Incident Response and new collaboration integrations.

Automate your incident processes through your mobile device, the PagerDuty web application, and Slack to keep stakeholders up-to-date and technical responders focused on restoring service. We will also cover new feature updates in Modern Incident Response, along with industry best practices around running major incident response.

Business Value

The Business Impact of HybridOps
Presenter: Jason Riggins, Senior Director of Production Engineering, Cox Automotive
Digital transformation can have a material business impact, but it often leads to multiple operating models co-existing within an organization. As such, teams are increasingly adopting Hybrid Operations, where they work to mature practices and visibility across a mix of technologies and operating models. Cox Automotive will share how they’ve implemented HybridOps and the business value they’ve realized from this approach.

Improving Customer Experience Without Burning Out
Presenter: Ovadia Harary, Software Engineer, Flatiron Health
The stakes of delivering reliable technology experiences grow exponentially by the day, creating significant burdens and stress on on-call teams. However, on-call burnout negatively impacts employee happiness and retention, which hurts the business. In this session, you will hear from diverse IT practitioners and leaders across different industries on how their teams have reimagined on-call to reduce burden on teams while also better servicing customers.

Best Practices

Getting Comfortable With Production to Improve Your Life in Dev
Presenter: Christine Yen, Co-founder and CEO,
There’s been a lot of talk about software ownership, but what does “owning code in production” really mean for developers, day to day?

Observability— term not just for tools, but also for processes and culture—benefits developers more than it does operators. This talk will discuss what a virtuous cycle between observing production and software development looks like, why it matters, and how to encourage it on your own team.

Chaos Engineering
Presenter: Ana Medina, Chaos Engineer, Gremlin
Chaos engineering is one of the hottest topics in computer science right now. Organizations now expect their software systems to be able to withstand turbulent and unexpected conditions Software developers are utilizing this new technique to work proactively and build truly resilient systems. In addition to this compelling track session, a chaos engineering workshop will be hosted during lunch to give attendees a hands-on and in-depth experience.


DevSecOps Round Table
Adopting and implementing a successful DevSecOps culture can seem like an insurmountable challenge for many teams. In this round-table session, PagerDuty and some of our key DevSecOps ecosystem partners will discuss which cultural and technical elements are essential when making the shift to DevSecOps.

Curious to see what other session topics will be covered? Then make sure to check out the Summit website to see a full list of the breakout sessions for this year’s event. If you haven’t signed up already, you can reserve your spot registering for Summit19 today!