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Over the next couple of days, you may notice that our webapp is getting a minor facelift.  We’ve always been a team of engineers first, but we’ve hired UX minded engineers as well now and it’s starting to show:

  • The changes are slight. We’ve made button locations and styling standardized, more intuitive and focused on the content so the UI is easier to read — which should help everyone, and new users especially. We’re also standardizing the icons everywhere (and switching to font icons).
  • We switched CDNs, making our static assets load 20% faster on average, especially for international users.
  • We’ve also enabled compression on our APIs, making everyone’s access faster.
  • You can now re-assign a triggered incident to a different escalation policy in addition to a user.
  • You can change the a user’s color on the calendar, just in case your team were all assigned shades of green. We’ve also showing push notification rules on the users page.
  • Our great support team has been working hard on the PagerDuty knowledge base, so we’re making our inline help a little easier to find.
  • The dashboard now automatically refreshes.
  • And a bonus feature! If you want to use the dashboard as a kiosk you can make it fullscreen by pressing F.

It’s a minor change in terms of functionality but we’re excited to be making strides in usability – the mobile app is next. As always, any questions are welcome.

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