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Video Conferencing in the Operations Command Console

Get face to face

One of the great things about being a platform is that your users have the ability to take your product in a different direction than you might. We’ve had the ability to integrate your preferred conference call tool into the incident response process for a while now — Still, when one of our customers joked about adding video conferencing to their incident response, I showed them how to extend our Operations Command Console to do that.

I never would’ve thought that anyone would want to see my groggy face during an incident!

This isn’t the exact solution we used, but it’s pretty quick overview:

  • Take any video conference tool that can be embedded in an iframe. I’m using for this example because there’s no signup process.
  • Open up the the Operations Command Console (definitely talk to your sales rep if you haven’t tried this capability out yet). This could also be a workflow extension if we want to display it in the context of an incident.
  • Go to your console settings, and “Add a custom URL module. This is a feature that has been in beta for a while now and customers have embedded chats, wiki pages, ether pads and status pages this way. My URL was
  • You’re done!

Now, when my team is using the Operations Command Console to coordinate our incident response, we can admire each other’s dedicated looks of concentration. Next time, I’ll have to  figure out how to add Snapchat filters!

How many weird and wonderful ways has your team extended the PagerDuty platform? Shoot us an email at and let us know!