VMworld 2016 Recap

by Ancy Dow September 2, 2016 | 3 min read

We had an incredible time at VMworld 2016, talking and demo-ing to hundreds of technology practitioners and leaders in the ITOps space. It was inspiring to see over 20,000 individuals from organizations of every size, level of maturity, and industry vertical — all united in their pursuit to lower TCO, increase uptime and agility, and be the digital leaders of tomorrow.

Key Takeaways

This year at VMworld, VMware announced some groundbreaking innovations, including its “Cross-Cloud Architecture” to enable customers to manage and secure applications across multiple public clouds — including AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, and its own vCloud Air. This powerful ecosystem story stresses that the power of choice and flexibility is in the hands of the customer. That same breadth of choice and flexibility is exactly what we at PagerDuty also provide for all our customers, so that we integrate and extend  all the tools you have in place.

Our team was very excited to demonstrate how we enable ITOps and DevOps teams to deliver agility and uptime. Our unmatched platform enables customers to easily plug in all their tools to PagerDuty for a centralized hub of activity, from which critical incidents are immediately routed to the right responder with the right information. Customers came by the booth to tell us that PagerDuty has been “absolutely life-saving.” Many attendees — many of which parse through email alerts manually as their current solution — intuitively grasped how PagerDuty could provide immense value to their business with its ease of mirroring their service-level architecture for triaging purposes, initiating the ideal incident response workflow, and rock-solid reliability.

The most exciting part about our presence at VMworld this year  was that we demoed how we integrate with the VMware stack. We were able to demonstrate live incidents coming from vCenter into PagerDuty, as well as showing how to configure email integrations with any layer of the VMware stack — from ESXi, AirWatch,  vROps, and vRealize Automation for alert delivery and uptime across business-critical applications and services.

Finally, this was also a great opportunity to share with many attendees how PagerDuty can work together with VMware and its partners to enable digital transformation and business agility.

On that note, we’d like to sincerely thank everyone who visited us at our booth during VMworld 2016 for the great conversations and knowledge sharing — we look forward to seeing you again at VMworld 2017. For those of you in the Bay Area, be sure to come to PagerDuty Summit here in SF, for more not-to-be-missed thought leadership sessions, breakouts, and networking with peers embarking alongside you on the journey to modern operations!