What’s New: January 2023

by PagerDuty January 31, 2023 | 9 min read

We’re excited to announce a new set of updates and enhancements to the PagerDuty Operations Cloud. Recent development and app updates from the product team include Incident Response, PagerDuty® Process Automation, the PagerDuty Mobile App, Integrations, as well as Community & Advocacy Events updates. We continue to help customers further automate to optimize cloud operations and reduce the amount of issues escalated to other teams. Get started now and learn about:

    • Leveraging Status Pages to keep customers informed with real-time status 
    • Updated analytics reports and status update notification templates for faster, more flexible Incident Response 
    • PagerDuty® Process Automation and Rundeck Community updates in the latest 4.9.0 Release

Upcoming Events, view our recent Podcasts and Twitch Streams, and join members of our Community Team and Product Teams as they walk you through new products and leading practices in the software industry

Incident Response

Status Update Notification Template Updates GA

Status Update Notification Templates are now generally available! With organization-based templates, companies can now customize and standardize communications based on impact, service areas, and more. This functionality will be also available via API, so teams are able to customize and leverage status update notification templates to fit their needs in any context. Watch this demo to see the templates in action.

Learn more in the knowledge base.

Incident Workflows GA

Get more flexibility and control over your incident response processes by reducing the manual work required to carry out the right response. Utilize a no-code/low-code builder to create unique Incident Workflows for any use case that trigger an orchestrated response using if-this-then-that logic. Incident Workflows are available to Business and Digital Operations plans only, and will fully replace Response Plays. Upgrade your Response Plays to Incident Workflows. Watch the demo.

Watch the demo and read the KB article. General Availability for both web and mobile coming soon!

Custom Fields on Incidents EA

Custom fields give users the flexibility to display critical information on incidents. Teams can aggregate data from several existing systems of record into a 360 degree view of incident response, reducing the time responders spend searching for key data, and ultimately lowering MTTR. Custom Fields on Incidents will be available on web and the API. Learn more in our KB article and sign up for Early Access.

Incident Activity Report

The updated Incident Activity Report from PagerDuty Analytics is now available for early access. This report offers a range of enhancements to help teams take their incident response to the next level. With interactive visualizations, drill-down capabilities, and detailed data on responder efforts, this report can provide valuable insights and help teams improve their incident resolution time.   It will give you the number of responders involved in an incident and the time effort from MTTA to MTTR. Sign up for the early access program and learn more in our KB article

Customer Service Ops

Status Pages

PagerDuty Status Pages are now available. Customers can rely on PagerDuty as the single source of truth to keep their customers proactively informed about the real-time status of their systems. This new product gives customers the ability to create public pages and customize them for the consistent look and feel of their brand. In addition, customers will be able to leverage Human-in-the-Loop support to automatically post real-time updates with human approval when needed. Check out the blog or the knowledge base for all the details.

(Featured above: Status Pages Preview and System Status)

(Featured above: Status Pages Customization)

PagerDuty for Customer service In ServiceNow CSM

PagerDuty for Customer Service in ServiceNow CSM is now available. Customer service teams can now see the status of active incidents in PagerDuty right from ServiceNow. With this new application agents can create incidents and view any notes or status updates made by development or ITOps teams to accurately and efficiently respond back to the end customer in PagerDuty from ServiceNow. This bridges the gap between Customer Service and Technical teams, engaging the right people in real time to get ahead of customer issues. Check us out in the ServiceNow app store.

PagerDuty® Process Automation Software, PagerDuty® Runbook Automation, and Rundeck

PagerDuty® Process Automation, PagerDuty Runbook Automation, and & Rundeck Community Version 4.9.0

Check out the new features and enhancements for PagerDuty® Process Automation, PagerDuty Runbook Automation, and Rundeck Community. This release introduces the beta for Plugin Groups, which simplifies the configuration of plugins so users can build more automation faster. Now users have a graphical interface for configuring plugin properties at the project and system level using predefined sets of properties on a per plugin suite basis. Read the release notes for more info.

Learn more:

Unified Login Expereince

Our login experience is being streamlined to make it easier for customers to login to PagerDuty by streamlining the process – we’ve also created a KB article to answer questions about logging into PagerDuty (here).  To enable the new login experience for your PagerDuty subdomain – sign up for the early access program.

Modernized Navigation for Mobile

The new Modernized Navigation for PagerDuty Mobile is a new feature that makes navigation faster and more efficient. This feature is available for iOS in early access starting February 6th, 2023. With it, you’ll be able to navigate easily between screens without having to return to the hidden hamburger menu and relaunch screens. This means you’ll be able to move from one screen to another quickly and without any extra steps. And the user’s history is preserved even while simultaneously navigating multiple screens. Watch our video demonstration or sign up for our early access program to learn more about it.

New integrations with IBM, Asana, and Zoho

PagerDuty has 700+ integrations with technology partners in DevOps, IT, Observability, Security, Business Operations, Customer Service, and more. This month we’re excited to announce new integrations to unlock the full potential of your tool stack, including:

  • IBM Instana launched a tech preview of their new Action Framework integration for PagerDuty. Instana’s Enterprise Observability Platform performs real-time discovery, mapping, and monitoring of the full application stack. The new integration invokes PagerDuty Process Automation directly from Instana to resolve issues faster.
  • The new Asana and PagerDuty integration helps improve visibility and agility across organizations beyond Dev and IT. When an Asana task requires attention, teams can go from manually creating a PagerDuty incident to automatically kicking it off, via Asana rules, with the context needed to issue a service. By connecting PagerDuty and Asana, teams can reduce manual work and provide a timely response or alert for escalation requests while reducing incident response time.
  • Zoho’s new ManageEngine OpManager integration for PagerDuty helps you quickly resolve incidents with network devices of all kinds, including routers, switches, storage devices, VMs, firewalls, and more.

Product Deprecations Announcements

Please take note and keep your teams informed of our upcoming product deprecations:

V1 Webhooks EOL

The End of Life date for v1 Webhooks is 10/31/2022. This means:

  • You will no longer be able to create new v1 Webhooks or use existing connections to v1 Webhook extensions
  • Apps or integrations that are using v1 Webhooks will stop working

For more information:

Important Dates:

  • October 31, 2022 (v1 Webhooks EOL)

v2 Zendesk Integration EOL

PagerDuty’s v2 App for Zendesk will End-Of-Life in March 2023. Migrate now to continue to send Zendesk Support Ticket events to PagerDuty. 

You can read about the benefits of migrating to v3 in the Integrations section above. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to

Webinars & Events

Join us for the following webinars and events to learn more about PagerDuty’s recent product updates and how they benefit customers. These are just a few of many:

Automating Security and Compliance with PagerDuty and AWS

Financial Services, healthcare companies, and really any business today must comply with strict regulatory  requirements, which creates a lot of manual overhead for IT operations teams and developers. Hear how Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help you build compliant workloads, and how PagerDuty can help optimize security and compliance in IT operations through automation. Learn how to streamline compliance processes while improving quality and reducing costs.

Watch now!

Event Intelligence 101 with PagerDuty University

Join Hannah Lodise as she provides an in-depth deep dive on how Event Intelligence features can help you reduce system noise, quickly troubleshoot issues, and remove manual toil — all in the name of speedier resolution. 

Register now!

Getting Started Workshop: Rundeck By PagerDuty

Join Mandi Walls, Developer Advocate, as she walks you through the basics and common use cases of Runbook Automation. In this 30 minute session she will work with you on a sample welcome project that shows you how to configure and use Rundeck Open source and steps to get the Community Welcome Project  running in your environment.

Watch Now 

PagerDuty Status Pages: The Single Source of Truth you and your customers need

PagerDuty Status Pages is now live! In this webinar, learn first hand insights into how PagerDuty and our customers are using Status Pages, and why it’s been integral for helping teams consolidate tools, drive efficiencies and breaking silos to get their customer service and engineering teams working together and keeping their customers in the loop.

Watch Now

Terraform Quarterly Roundtable
Date & Time: February 21, 2023 10:00am PT (US & Canada)

Join Mandi Walls and José Antonio Reyes from PagerDuty to hear from industry peers and share your own experiences regarding best practices, learnings, and things to consider when implementing Infrastructure as Code with Terraform and PagerDuty.

Reserve your spot today!

PagerDuty Community Twitch Stream

Join us on our Twitch channels, PagerDuty Twitch Stream and PagerDuty Community Twitch Stream, to catch up on one of our latest streams led by our Developer Advocates! Catch our past streams via the YouTube Twitch Streams Channel.

View our Twitch Stream schedule to join one of our weekly ongoing streams in February!

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