Learn How PagerDuty Customers Save Money and Achieve Fast ROI

by Rachel Schmitz May 19, 2023 | 4 min read

Saving time and money is always important, but these days, it’s a mission-critical business imperative. At PagerDuty, we help organizations realize transformational gains in efficiency that drive both immediate financial impact and long-term business success. 

PagerDuty delivers clear value for any organization at any stage of operational maturity. 

  • $356K savings/year per team of ten.1
  • 70% faster time to resolve.1
  • 795% return on investment.1
  • 2 month payback period.1

But you don’t have to take our word for it – the real-life experiences of our customers speak volumes. Here are a few examples of how PagerDuty creates value for global industry leaders. 

The Value SAP Receives from PagerDuty

SAP is a market leader in enterprise application software. And with more than three quarters of the world’s transaction revenue touching an SAP system, uptime is critical. 

SAP needed to digitally transform its business and move customer-facing services to the cloud. They also needed to ensure that there were fewer and less impactful incidents that could impact the customer experience and put revenue at risk. 

The task initially appeared easier said than done, especially given SAP’s size. Many teams were using custom in-house tools that weren’t scalable across the organization. There were “islands” of automation where certain sub-processes were moving quickly, but this acceleration wasn’t happening at scale. The exceptionally wide variety of tools and processes across business units and global theaters also made collaboration particularly burdensome. 

SAP’s Global Cloud Services team now uses PagerDuty to orchestrate their major incident response. We helped improve communication between teams and stakeholders, providing real-time information about the status of an incident and often reducing response time from hours to minutes. 

"25% reduction in the number of responders needed for major incidents within 2 months"

PagerDuty helped SAP achieve incredible results in just a couple of months, including: 

  • 25% reduction in the number of responders needed for major incidents.
  • Reduced response times by 30%.
  • Resolution times reduced by 26%.
  • Greater cross-team collaboration and ownership of services. 
  • Seamless integration with various commercial and in-house tools. 

Read here to learn more about how SAP’s Global Cloud Services team improved operational excellence.  

The Value Brink’s Receives From PagerDuty 

Brink’s is a well-known leader in cash management, operating more than 16,000 secured trucks serving customers in more than 100 countries. Technology keeps the money moving—but a few years ago the company realized that to grow the business, its technology needed an upgrade.

Teams were managing workflows manually and spending too much time and money on repetitive, mundane tasks. Moreover, attempts to deploy changes in the IT environment were both time consuming and inconsistent. That’s when Brink’s decided to turn to us for help. 

PagerDuty Process Automation quickly demonstrated its value by reducing toil and facilitating faster deployments and migrations. This made employee’s lives easier while delivering agility, scalability, and savings to the business. The company further expanded PagerDuty-powered automation to other stakeholders and services, such as reducing the time it took engineers to provision virtual machines. "By automating one workflow, Brink's saves over 500 hours annually"By choosing an easy-to-use solution and automating well-documented processes, the Brink’s team realized immediate value and saw a fast return on investment, including: 

  • 99% less time spent on manual tasks while reducing risk of manual errors. 
  • More than 500 FTE engineering hours are saved annually.
  • Developer’s waiting time reduced from two weeks to 3 minutes via self-serve automated workflows. 

Read here to learn more about how Brink’s successfully used automation to drive constant, iterative improvements to the business and, in turn, to its customers. 

Reduce Costs and Accelerate Growth

The PagerDuty Operations Cloud is the platform for action that empowers organizations to anticipate, automate, and accelerate critical work and to transform operations. It’s essential infrastructure that allows teams to focus on high-priority work, substantially reduce operating costs, and radically accelerate innovation and growth. 

The results from SAP and Brink’s showcase how PagerDuty helps them save time and money, and the value is true for customers of all sizes and industries.

Learn more about how PagerDuty can help you save time and money, or sign up for a free trial.

1IDC Business Value White Paper, sponsored by PagerDuty, PagerDuty Helps Organizations Optimize Their Digital Operations Management, doc #US47011820, January 2021