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Ensuring the Call Goes Out—Every Time

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of speaking at Surge 2012 in Baltimore, MD. The audience were of those whose focus was on better scaling their infrastructure to be prepared for the worse case scenario, as well as seeking how to improve the overall performance of their systems.

As the CTO and co-founder of PagerDuty, my talk was focused on best practices to apply to responding to system failures. Not only is alerting the right person important, but the procedures that coincide with the alert, an on-call process, are critical to reducing your downtime.

The PagerDuty team took the liberty of recording my talk. In addition, I was also interviewed by Bryan Berry from “The Food Fight Show” for their podcast coverage of Surge 2012. You can listen to my interview below as well.

Surge 2012: Ensuring the Call Goes Out – Every Time (Video)

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CTO & C0-Founder, PagerDuty