Announcing the Google Stackdriver Integration

by Manish Kalra March 23, 2016 | 2 min read

Cloud-Powered Application Incident Resolution

Google as an organization amazes me everyday. The great things they do that impact people’s lives from the individual to the global organization is breathtaking. Today at GCP Next 2016 I had a chance to witness first hand how Google is going to play a key role in shaping the cloud strategy that organizations will adopt in the coming years. PagerDuty is exhibiting at GCP Next this year, showcasing our industry leading Incident Management platform and how we help DevOps and ITOps teams. We have an amazing selection of demos that showcase how we help you keep your critical apps and infrastructure services up and running.

But the big news I want to share is today we announced the latest integration to join the PagerDuty family, the Google Stackdriver integration. The new integration provides DevOps and ITOps teams with a view across their cloud applications development pipelines, which reduces incident response times and improves application reliability.

The Google Stackdriver integration enables customers to:

  • Use PagerDuty as a hub for operations teams to centralize, classify, and enrich events coming from Google Stackdriver.
  • See their PagerDuty schedules inside Stackdriver to know who’s on call.
  • Leverage PagerDuty’s multi-channel alert notification services, including the mobile app, email, SMS and phone for the ideal frequency and re-routing notification methods.   
  • Access responsive, bi-directional alerts that reduce resolution times by including live interactive Stackdriver graphs in PagerDuty.

At PagerDuty we offer over 150 integrations for ITOps, DevOps, ChatOps, and ticketing tools to help you keep your services running and customers happy. If you’re new to PagerDuty, sign-up for a free trial and see how in minutes you can resolve incidents faster than ever before.

But the great news doesn’t just end with the amazing integration we collaborated with Google to build. PagerDuty also joins the Google for Work Partner Program. This great partner program enables us to work closer with Google as we enhance the integration.

If you’re attending GCP this week, check out the Managing Workloads Across Cloud Providers: Stackdriver Deep Dive session, where PagerDuty’s very own David Hayes will discuss and demo the new integration, or stop by booth #25 and checkout the new Google Stackdriver integration first hand or one of the other demos we have showcasing the Fastest Path to Incident Resolution.