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Improve Customer Experiences & Collaboration Between Support and Engineering With Bidirectional Communication

We are delighted to announce our new PagerDuty integration for Salesforce Service Cloud. This integration empowers Customer Service, Engineering, and IT teams to proactively resolve customer issues in real time by improving communication and collaboration.

Customers today expect a nearly perfect digital experience, every time. It only takes one bad experience for 51% of customers to leave and never come back to do business again. This continued rise in expectations means teams need to improve their customer support processes and upgrade their digital stack so they can serve customers in a more proactive way. Resolving customer issues faster requires tighter collaboration between teams and instant access to relevant customer information so they can take action quickly and efficiently.

Stopping Issues Before They Start

Incidents happen—it’s just a fact of life. But incidents and the negative user experience associated with them aren’t what typically send customers packing; rather, it’s how the problems are handled that affect the customer relationship and, in some instances, affect future relationships.

For instance, consider that 62% of customers share bad experiences with other industry professionals. Not only that, an unhappy customer will share their bad experience with an average of 15 other people. Even if your customer didn’t directly have a bad experience, they may be sharing thoughts and opinions with other potential buyers.

Additionally, if a customer alerts you about an issue, it’s already too late. In this scenario, many customer support agents find themselves under fire from unhappy and frustrated customers, but lack the relevant information and context to share with customers about the status of the issue and when it will be fixed.

Customer support agents are under a lot of pressure today as a result—and because 68% of customers view the agent as key to positive service experiences, it is critical that support teams are enabled to provide the most up-to-date information when problems happen.

To achieve this, customer support teams need an open channel of communication with Engineering and IT so they can escalate an issue quickly to the right team. They also need the ability to be aware of the active issues being addressed by Engineering and IT, and when those issues will be fixed—all while proactively communicating with customers.

PagerDuty for Salesforce Service Cloud

The PagerDuty for Salesforce Service Cloud V2 integration enables customer support teams to orchestrate responses and actions around customer issues, sales opportunities, and other customer-related issues across the organization. Instead of working in silos without a direct connection to other teams, customer service agents can embrace their role as virtual incident commanders and work directly within Salesforce Service Cloud from wherever they are.

With better information around an incident’s status, the ability to escalate issues to different teams, and simple communication between the customer and other stakeholders, support agents can solve customer issues faster.

With the Salesforce Service Cloud V2 integration, teams can:

  • Customize when to notify the proper on-call team about relevant activities occurring in Salesforce Service Cloud.
  • Stay up-to-date with synced notes between PagerDuty and Salesforce Service Cloud so customer support agents can provide relevant updates to customers.
  • Work where they are: Set incident priority, run response plays, and reassign incidents, all within the Salesforce Service Cloud interface.

Check out our integration demo and see how support agents are acting as incident commanders escalating to the right team to resolve customer issues faster:

With PagerDuty for Customer Service, organizations have the right tools in place to enable bi-directional communication and better collaboration across customer service, engineering, and IT teams, leading to faster resolution times and better communication with customers. With proactive monitoring, issues are resolved before they start, increasing customer satisfaction (CSAT) and customer retention. PagerDuty for Salesforce Service Cloud enables you to mobilize the right teams and connect customer service representatives with technical responders to resolve issues quickly.

Interested in learning more? If you’re already a Salesforce Service Cloud user, you have everything you need to get started. Check out the Salesforce Service Cloud integration page for installation guides and try it today!