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Librato Now Integrates with PagerDuty

Collecting, aggregating and visualizing data are key pieces of a modern devops operation. Luckily, tools like Librato are around to make this easy to do.  Librato is a cloud-based metrics monitoring system that makes it simple to see the status of your critical systems at a glance.  All that’s required is for you to feed Librato’s API with your data stream and it handles the rest.

The Librato team has taken their already powerful tool to the next level by directly integrating with PagerDuty.  This allows your team to be promptly notified of critical situations.  The integration is highly customizable so that only the metrics that matter are monitored.  Additionally, you can tie your Librato account to multiple PagerDuty services so that the right members of your team get notified every time.

Getting Started

If you don’t already have a PagerDuty or Librato account, sign up for your free trials today. Once you’re registered at both sites and have added your systems to Librato, follow our simple integration guide to get configured.

Integration in Action

After a threshold has been exceeded, Librato will communicate with PagerDuty to trigger a new incident:

Librato Incident within PagerDuty

You can then click on the incident to view more details:

Incident Details

If you run into any problems getting setup, feel free to contact our support team.