PagerDuty’s New Mobile App, Now Accepting Beta Testers

PagerDuty’s New Mobile App, Now Accepting Beta Testers


We’re excited to announce that we’ve been hard at work overhauling PagerDuty’s mobile app. Based on feedback from you on our current generation of iOS and Android apps, we’ve entirely reimagined our mobile experience.

We’re now accepting Beta testers to help push us passed the finish line and launch our new apps to the public.

To become a beta tester simply email us at and we’ll email you with instructions.

What’s New in PagerDuty’s Mobile Apps?

The goal of our mobile experience is to immediately get you, the on-call engineer, up to speed and doing what you need to do when something goes awry in your system — even when you’re not near a computer. That said, the new apps will be bringing you a number of significant improvements:

  • A streamlined, modern UI that’s easy to use even when you’re fumbling around at 3AM
  • A Global status indicator to know the health of your system at a glance, no matter where you are in the app
  • The ability to acknowledge/resolve all open incidents

Test Drive the New Apps

Don’t miss out on your chance to test drive our new apps and give us some feedback. We want to hear what you think them and how we can continue to improve your mobile experience with PagerDuty.

If you are interested, please email


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  • Gideon Waxfarb
    Posted at 11:37 pm, October 15, 2013

    Will there be an option to change the default notification sound in the iOS version?

    • Ryan Hoskin
      Posted at 11:54 am, October 16, 2013

      Hi Gideon,

      The current revamping of the app will be feature parity with the current version, but will be much faster, more intuitive and useful. We will be incrementally adding additional features such as custom notification sounds on iOS versions after this release.

      • Gideon Waxfarb
        Posted at 10:10 pm, October 16, 2013

        Something I’m curious about… I’ve seen Pagerduty on both Android and iOS, and the settings screens are identical, except that the iOS version lacks the ability to change the notification sound. Why is that? I’m not picking on you guys specifically, as I’ve noticed many iOS apps lack this feature, which is present in Android versions.

        Is giving users this ability really hard to do on iOS, or something? Personally, I’d rather have that one feature than whatever UI tweaks you guys are working on. Ya’ll need to get on the ball with this 🙂

        • Ryan Hoskin
          Posted at 10:45 am, October 17, 2013

          It is harder to do on iOS. The app store review guidelines don’t allow you to do it, so in order to have custom sound settings we would need to bundle our own sounds. That opens another can of worms including licensing of sounds and what not. In any case, it is a common request and it is something that we are considering for a future version of the app.

          • Chris Rust
            Posted at 11:58 am, March 10, 2014

            How about just allowing the app to choose from the built in system sounds? The iOS included ‘Digital’ sound is nice and terrible, always woken me up from sleep before.

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