Run MongoDB with Confidence with MMS and PagerDuty

by Vivian Au February 13, 2014 | 2 min read

mongo_db_logoCustomer feedback is important to us at PagerDuty. Some of our latest updates were inspired by use cases our customers wanted to solve with our service. MongoDB listened to their customers’ need of greater visibility into the performance of MongoDB clusters and created the MongoDB Management Service (MMS). Engineered by the same team that developed MongoDB, MMS offers free monitoring and premium backup for MongoDB to mitigate operational risk. In addition to delivering more insight, MongoDB users needed more effective alerting to on-call teams to fix issues, faster. We have partnered with MongoDB to deliver smart alert routing and robust on-call scheduling to MongoDB users. By combining MMS and PagerDuty, you can resolve issues before anyone notices.

MMS Monitoring is a free service that gives all users insight into their key server and hardware indicators. By integrating with PagerDuty, MMS users will know about issues quickly, anytime, anywhere via the combination of alerts of their choosing. With flexible on-call scheduling and automatic escalations, the right person to handle the issue will be routed the alerts, and if they miss the alerts, alerts will be automatically re-routed to another teammate until it is responded to. MMS works alongside other monitoring tools and PagerDuty acts as the single stream for all issues detected in a customer’s’ infrastructure. MMS users integrating with PagerDuty will get peace of mind knowing that when issues occur, they will know about it before it becomes an epic disaster.

To get insight into your MongoDB environment today, follow this integration guide.