Communicate Better with Moxtra and PagerDuty

by Sam Lewis December 1, 2015 | 2 min read


Improve Your Team Communication and Resolve Issues Faster with Moxtra and PagerDuty

This is a guest blog post written by Matthias Broner, Product Marketer at Moxtra

Whether your team is in the office, on the train, or across the world, when an incident arises, you need them to be able to take action ASAP. The first step usually entails getting your team together to notify them of the issue. And the fastest way to do that is to give your team a way to collaboratively resolve the issue, regardless of whether they’re behind a computer or on their phone.

When you connect Moxtra to PagerDuty, you give your team a space where PagerDuty alerts can be seen by your entire team, and you can easily bring in outside parties to discuss and resolve the incident.  

Moxtra is a messaging app on steroids that combines group chat, file sharing, document annotation, voice conferencing, screen-sharing, and video chat. This gives your team a place to easily go from alert to action. Accessible from any device, all your contacts, messages and files are seamlessly interconnected so that you can securely connect at any time.


When an incident is triggered in PagerDuty, it gets auto-magically sent into a binder (a shared collaboration workspace). When this alert is sent in, all members of the binder will receive a notification informing them of the issue, any important information, and any status changes. Now your team can begin to work together to assess and resolve the issue immediately. This way no one misses a beat, and everyone is on the same page to resolve issues as fast as they happen.

By combining Moxtra with PagerDuty, your team will be able to resolve issues at light speed, and everyone on your team will be kept in the loop. With these powerful tools working together, you’ll never have to fear a critical incident again. Read the Integration Guide to learn more about set-up.

Try out Moxtra for free at, or check the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It’ll be the most productive free app you’ve ever downloaded.