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Now Available on AWS Marketplace: PagerDuty® Runbook Automation and PagerDuty® Process Automation On Prem

by Inga Weizman May 19, 2022 | 3 min read

We are excited to announce that PagerDuty® Runbook Automation and PagerDuty® Process Automation On Prem are now available on the AWS Marketplace, the leading global cloud provider. With more than 200 different cloud services, AWS makes it simple and attractive to build and grow your cloud-native business and/or migrate your existing infrastructure to the cloud, so you can begin to take advantage of the unlimited scale, agility, and flexibility the cloud offers.  

As organizations flock to the cloud and begin to transition and transform from a centralized, monolithic architecture to a hybrid environment, this newfound freedom can lead to more incidents due to the dynamic nature of the cloud.  Organizations will look to adopt and align new technologies, operating processes, and people as they look to scale and grow in the cloud.

Own To Innovate

Adopting Service Ownership is paramount for a successful transformation. It’s the “you build it, you own it” framework that puts your developers closer to your customers in order to speed up innovation and deliver high-quality code. With this newly gained freedom to move faster and innovate, organizations are able to deliver more value to their customers. However, this newfound freedom can also cause downtime that will impact your customers, put your brand at risk, pull your developers away from planned work, and ultimately slow down the pace of innovation. 

In the cloud, the majority of incidents occur at the application level, so it’s critical to have complete visibility across all your services, quickly orchestrate a streamlined response, and automate as much as possible to fix issues without human intervention. In order for businesses to scale, grow, and move fast, automation plays a key role in operational maturity, by freeing up developers’ time so they can innovate more without sacrificing the customer experience and dealing with tickets. 

The PagerDuty Operations Cloud™ helps digital businesses manage all aspects of urgent and mission-critical work. It integrates into and across enterprises, people, and technology to identify, escalate, automate, and resolve urgent and time-sensitive work for these businesses before customers, employees, or the business’s reputation are impacted. 

Automate to Deliver More for Customers

PagerDuty® Process Automation On Prem and PagerDuty® Runbook Automation provide an automation platform that allows cloud ops teams to standardize and automate operational procedures, and then safely delegate them as self-service requests to other stakeholders. AWS Console, administrative functions, instances, and software can all be incorporated as nodes and steps in automated sequences. Integrations with SSO, secrets management, and job-level audit logging ensure proper access control and compliance.

With PagerDuty Process Automation and PagerDuty Runbook Automation, teams can: 

  • Resolve requests in minutes without human intervention or by giving first responder automated runbook actions 
  • Optimize security and compliance with authentication, access control, logging every activity, and providing context checking to ensure users only invoke actions at the right times
  • Spend more time innovating for our customers rather than being pulled away to close tickets and manage incidents 

Not sure which version to choose? Check out our blog “Five Considerations for Choosing Self-Managed Automation vs. SaaS Automation” for some suggestions.

Check out our Automation offerings here and learn more in our upcoming webinar on May 26th.