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PagerDuty at AWS re:Invent 2021-Deepening Our Collaboration with AWS

Across the globe, in-person technology events are beginning to emerge from their pandemic hibernation. For developers and DevOps teams, no event has been more anticipated than AWS re:Invent, which is back in Las Vegas, November 29th — December 3rd to help bring us all back together and slowly let us find our new normal. While handshakes may be replaced by elbow bumps or other newfound greeting rituals, we are excited to be back and see all of you in real life. Of course, if you’re not quite ready for a mega-conference, you can still attend all the keynotes and sessions virtually.

PagerDuty is very excited to be a Platinum sponsor of AWS re:Invent this year as we continue our long-standing partnership with Amazon Web Services. We are doubling down on our already close relationship, by entering into a multi-year strategic collaboration for Go-To-Market with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure our joint customers’ cloud migration journey is smoother, faster, and seamless for their customers. We’re also making automation available to more organizations.This week we’re excited to announce that Rundeck Enterprise is available on the AWS Marketplace and Rundeck Cloud is slated for release in early 2022.  

Breakout Session
We’re also excited to host a fireside chat with PagerDuty customers Morgan Stanley and Vistaprint — discussing trends in digital transformation as well as the best practices that have helped them speed up innovation while reducing customer impact. The PagerDuty team will  show you, in detail, how PagerDuty and AWS integrations like EventBridge, SecurityHub, and GuardDuty help you automate incident response for financial services.

Personally, I’m very excited to host and moderate this fireside chat with a very diverse group of customers. We’ll discuss cultural and technological changes in modern organizations, the security and compliance requirements you may encounter during your cloud migration journeys, and how Service Ownership is critical in reaching operational maturity.

Migrate to Modernize: PagerDuty for AWS
Organizations across all industries have been laser-focused on digital acceleration and cloud adoption to help them scale, drive faster innovation, and meet their customers’ appetite for digital experiences. PagerDuty’s deep partnership with AWS has always been centered on helping companies of all sizes take advantage of the agility and scale the cloud provides, and our industry-leading AWS integrations help our customers achieve this. The PagerDuty Operations Cloud™ empowers teams by powering many critical, urgent, and real-time use cases. To help make this happen, PagerDuty has been focused on helping teams automate incident response wherever and whenever possible — accelerating how critical work gets done.

Deepening our Collaboration with AWS 

We are further investing in our relationship with AWS and have entered into a multi-year joint strategic collaboration that will help us deepen our partnership. The collaboration will see both of our organizations working more closely covering a wide range of sales enablement, practice development, technical enablement, and business and financial support services. This agreement will help us strengthen our reach and global footprint in existing and new geographies. 

As companies continue to prioritize and accelerate their digital-first initiatives, they need the right set of tools, processes, and operational principles to help make these transformations faster and smoother for their organizations while improving the customer experience. The PagerDuty Operation Cloud™ enables them to act in real-time, automate everywhere, and accelerate critical work. To make this happen, we’re focused on helping teams automate incident response and day-to-day operations wherever and whenever possible, and accelerate getting critical work done. See how Rundeck Enterprise on AWS Marketplace and Rundeck Cloud lets responders immediately take action by automating operations like diagnostics and remediation for incidents.

Automate Everywhere

With digital demand ever-growing, so are the number of incidents that pull developers away from innovating for their customers and contribute to a poor customer experience. There’s still too much manual toil which drags down productivity and slows down incident resolution times. This means they can’t support faster rates of change, reducing innovation and efficiency in the company.

Rundeck is runbook automation, which gives first responders self-service access to the operations capabilities that previously only your subject matter experts (SMEs) could perform.  With the powerful combination of Rundeck and PagerDuty, you get fewer incidents, and when they do occur, time to resolution is drastically reduced and with fewer escalations. This delights your customers and gives more time to your engineers to innovate instead of needing to fight fires. We have heard from many customers that they are able to cut down their incident response times by 40-60% and reduce their escalations by 50% where they use Rundeck vs. where they don’t.

New Tools and Programs

New: Rundeck Enterprise on AWS Marketplace & Rundeck Cloud (Coming Soon)

Rundeck delivers runbook automation and auto-remediation capabilities for developers and SRE’s building services. Speed up your digital operations by turning the expertise of your subject matter experts into event-driven or human-triggered automation. Enable new DevOps-inspired operating models such as “you build it, you run it” service ownership. 

With Rundeck Enterprise companies operate faster by deploying self-service automation to resolve requests and incidents anytime. Maybe most importantly, skilled worker interruptions are drastically reduced to keep teams working on what matters. Customers using PagerDuty with Event Intelligence or Digital Operations can run automated diagnostics and remediation actions before humans are ever called. Trigger jobs in Rundeck Enterprise with Event Rules to enable event-driven automation. By being available on the AWS Marketplace customers can now purchase Rundeck Enterprise from their AWS account.

For those that are cloud-native or looking to use Rundeck in the cloud, Rundeck Cloud will be available in early 2022 as a fully managed cloud service.  Now you can get started rapidly with Rundeck, and focus on building and running automated workflows. Rundeck Cloud manages the infrastructure for you, providing high availability, security, and elastic scalability.  In addition, we manage all patches and updates so you always have the latest features available. A key focus will be helping customers improve the operability of AWS dev & production environments.

New: Amazon Partner Network Financial Service Competency (Coming Soon)

The financial sector is highly regulated, and has high security and compliance requirements. Today, they are looking to become more agile, customer-focused, and innovate faster. But, financial service organizations have always been more cautious in adopting new technologies because of these requirements. 

The AWS Competency Program is a huge step in attaining trust, validation and expertise as a partner with demonstrated AWS technical expertise and proven customer success. By completing the AWS financial services competency we become a pre-approved vendor for the financial space, it broadens our reach with financial services and helps accelerate digital transformation for organizations in this space.

PagerDuty for S3 Storage Lens: Powerful Incident Response Granularity for AWS Storage

Organizations that have transitioned to a microservices architecture or operate in a hybrid-cloud environment may have hundreds of accounts—and have perhaps thousands of S3 buckets—across numerous AWS Regions. This makes it extremely difficult to understand how storage is used across their organization, optimize their costs, and improve security posture. S3 Storage Lens helps you discover anomalies, identify cost efficiencies, and apply data protection best practices across accounts. Once Storage Lens aggregates these usage metrics, custom alarms can be sent to PagerDuty when anomalies are detected or thresholds are crossed. PagerDuty for S3 Storage Lens helps make sure the right person is alerted every time to ensure a streamlined incident response.

Join us at re:Invent!

You can find us at our booth and see the latest AWS integrations, join one of our fun booth activities and, of course, get some swag. It’s going to be an exciting week!  Make sure to stop by our booth to talk with one of the PagerDuty experts and pick up your swag and don’t forget to register for our session.