PagerDuty Now Available on AWS Marketplace

by Andrew Marshall July 16, 2018 | 4 min read

Real-Time Operations Management in the Cloud Just Got Easier

Cloud infrastructure, by nature, is constantly changing as new instances are spun up and decommissioned, which creates more potential service issues for modern ITOps and DevOps teams. This means that as more and more companies move critical workloads to cloud providers like AWS, the need for real-time digital operations also increases. Additionally, the flexibility and scalability that AWS infrastructure provides to modern ITOps and DevOps teams also carry an inherent challenge: How to make sense of the current state of your infrastructure, the applications built on it, and the inevitable issues that arise from any number of sources?

PagerDuty helps AWS users do this by automatically turning any signal into the right insight and action, which proactively mitigates customer-impacting issues, allowing organizations to innovate and scale both their AWS and hybrid environments with confidence. Today at AWS Summit New York, PagerDuty announced a major milestone in the expansion of our collaboration with AWS: PagerDuty subscriptions are now available for AWS customers through the AWS Marketplace and AWS Enterprise Contracts.

Our AWS integration is used by over 2,600 PagerDuty customers (including William Hill, FanDuel, Spotify, Pitney Bowes, and Xero) and is one of the most popular integrations we offer. And with AWS growing at an astounding rate, we wanted to make it even easier for our customers to use PagerDuty so they can gain full-stack visibility across their applications and services, AWS platforms, and hybrid environments.

Built for the Cloud

Because PagerDuty is at the center of how modern ITOps and DevOps teams address issues that take place across their platforms, we’re in the unique position of being able to see how various AWS and other infrastructure-related events impact IT Operations. By combining AWS CloudWatch metrics with other key key machine and human telemetry, PagerDuty matches digital signals and their corresponding human response behaviors to optimize digital operations. This integrated event intelligence and incident response for AWS ensure everyone is on the same page, resulting in faster resolution.

Cloud Scale Brings Complexity (and Incidents)

ITOps and DevOps teams need a way to collect all of their relevant signals in one place so they can quickly address incidents as they arise, in real time. But just collecting these signals doesn’t really help and, truthfully, can create an overabundance of data to contend with.

This is where PagerDuty fits in. PagerDuty integrates with CloudWatch and hundreds of other IT tools to deliver not just the metrics, but also the actual intelligent insights teams need to collaborate efficiently, resolve disruptions quickly, and focus on continuous development and delivery of services. By providing these insights, ITOps and DevOps teams can leverage the scalability of AWS with minimal disruptions.

Migrate With Confidence

More and more enterprises are migrating critical workloads to the AWS cloud to take advantage of scale and flexibility. Business continuity, however, needs to be maintained before, during, and after a migration. The PagerDuty digital operations management platform helps cloud migration projects move quickly and enables teams to adopt modern technologies and processes, decrease the impact of issues that occur throughout the migration lifecycle, and continuously improve their overall operations. Once the AWS cloud migration is complete, ITOps teams use PagerDuty’s Event Intelligence product, which employs machine learning and human response behavior data to cut through operational noise, enabling organizations to optimize their AWS infrastructure and the apps built on it.

Response Workflows and Orchestration for AWS

Being prepared for inevitable incidents is often what separates successful DevOps teams from those who are still modernizing. By integrating with ChatOps tools, conferencing solutions, and ticketing systems that help automate and scale, PagerDuty enables teams to quickly respond and resolve incidents generated from AWS CloudWatch alarms. ChatOps tools like Stride and Slack can be used to mobilize and keep stakeholders notified in real time, and ticketing systems (e.g., ServiceNow, JIRA, Remedy) can be leveraged to orchestrate and scale incident management with an existing process. All of these workflows are done bi-directionally between PagerDuty and third-party tools.

Purchase at AWS Speed

If you’re an AWS customer and need a way to empower your team to proactively mitigate customer-impacting issues by automatically turning any signal into the right insight and action, you can now use your existing AWS accounts and billing to quickly and easily subscribe to PagerDuty in the AWS Marketplace. Sign up today to see how we can help your organization improve real-time operations in the cloud.