Introducing the PagerDuty iPhone app

- February 20, 2013

This post is for our original iPhone App. Click here for our new Mobile Incident Management app for iOS and Android.

PagerDuty iOS App Push Notification

We’re excited to announce the first official PagerDuty app for iOS, optimized for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. It’s available today in the App Store.

Download PagerDuty for iPhone and let us know what you think.

The journey to iOS

Back in January, we made several improvements to the mobile version of PagerDuty.  We focused on improving accessibility to the features you need most on the go: we added a mobile “who’s on-call” display; improved the ability to respond to and triage incidents; and added a mobile user directory to quickly find teammates (and call them if necessary).

We’re proud of our mobile site, but the goal has always been a native app.  To that end, we’re excited to release the first version of our native iOS app.  Best of all, this means we’re bringing a fourth kind of alert to you — push notifications!

The nitty-gritty on features

PagerDuty iPhone App On-Call Screenshot

The new iOS app allows you to do the following:

  • Receive unlimited push notification alerts
  • Easily access and respond to open incidents (acknowledge, resolve or reassign)
  • Quickly see when you’re on-call
  • Access a contact list of all users in your account (includes phone & SMS numbers and email addresses for each user)

What are you waiting for? Download the PagerDuty iPhone app. Tweet us @pagerduty or email us at with feedback requests or bugs.

Android users, you’re next

We haven’t forgotten about our Android users. We’re working out the final kinks of the Android app, and plan to launch in the next few weeks. If you want to be the first to know, follow us on Twitter @pagerduty or subscribe to the PagerDuty blog for a future post.


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  • Mike Greb

    Thank you so much guys.  Can we assume that push notifications are sent as soon as something assigned to you is triggered?  Any possibility of a configurable delay in the future?  We like to keep a couple minute window for someone in another time zone to grab and ack an incident before someone gets woken up.

  • Mike Greb

    Never mind, just found the option on the normal website under the notification rules.  You guys rule <3.

  • Top Software Company

    Great to read the features which will be provided by new iOS

  • Almad


    Is there any way to configure sound for push notifications? As I would prefer it to run on fire to wake me up from sleep. 

  • Bryan Chapman

    Love to see an option here for a specific sound alert meant to wake you from sleep – would save on international phone calls

  • Bryan Chapman

    Any news on the android app?

  • / Joe Lambe

    Bryan – Saw that you signed up for our Android beta, so thanks for participating in that! Stay tuned for some more updates this week.

  • / Joe Lambe

    Mike – Glad you like it! Configurable delays are already available. Look under
    “notification rules” on your user profile page.

  • / Joe Lambe

    Almad – we’re working on custom sounds, but no timeline for their launch. Keep an eye on our blog and twitter for future updates.

  • Fernando Palomo

    nice app, we are testing it for a project. I also give my vote for better alerting in the app, it would just be great not to have to waste on international calls, as we are not based in US

  • Alisa

    We’re working on adding custom sounds to the iOS app and would love to hear what sounds you would like to have bundled with the PagerDuty iPhone app. Contact us on twitter with your suggestions.

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  • CharlieCame

    “I need a medic” sound clip from the film “saving private ryan”

  • CharlieCame

    These don’t seem to be out yet, any update on the timescale?