PagerDuty now Integrates with CopperEgg

by Tony Albanese October 23, 2013 | 2 min read

CoppereggIntegrations provide us with exciting new ways to communicate with your favorite monitoring tools. Today, we are thrilled to announce our latest integration with CopperEgg.

If you don’t already know, CopperEgg is a SaaS-based server monitoring service that provides performance statistics, various forms of data visualization and customized analytics. API integrations with services, such as CopperEgg, allows us to go beyond translating email to phone or email to text notifications, and lets PagerDuty speak directly with services to exchange information.

Using PagerDuty with CopperEgg will add reliable on-call scheduling, alerting and incident tracking for your team to respond to issues quickly in order to avoid an outage of your server.

Why We Integrate with CopperEgg

While you could use PagerDuty with CopperEgg even before this integration, the additional communication between our services lets you easily sync your data in fewer steps to receive alerts quicker.

“The CopperEgg PagerDuty integration has provided us with a simple and consolidated way to stay up to date on how our services are performing. These updates keep us informed and enable us to solve issues in a moment’s notice.” — Lee Mehlhorn, Senior Technology Consultant, DirectWest

DirectWest aren’t the only ones jumping at the new PagerDuty CopperEgg integration. The team over at Eye-Fi is making sure you always have access to your photos using the integration.

“Eye-Fi servers process over 500,000 uploads a day. The CopperEgg and PagerDuty integration provides a simple, consolidated alert system, helping us keep our service healthy and giving customers uninterrupted access to their photos.” — Andy Shinn, Infrastructure Engineer at Eye-Fi

Ready to set up CopperEgg with your PagerDuty account? Check out our CopperEgg integration guide.

Have a service you would like to see us integrate with? Let us know in the comments below.