June Partner Spotlight

by Community Team June 2, 2016 | 5 min read

We’re kicking off our monthly partner spotlight this month with Opsee, Red Canary and Raygun! Each partner brings something unique to the table and we’re excited to have them on board –  and what better way to celebrate than to share a bit about each. Read on to learn about our latest partners.

Red Canary


A DevOps Team Convinces a Product Team to Build a PagerDuty Integration

Red Canary has been a longtime PagerDuty customer and relies on PagerDuty to notify the right support engineer when there are performance hiccups with the Red Canary platform. We love that PagerDuty shares our belief in the power of open APIs. Integrations are practically unlimited: we can send PagerDuty our AWS Cloudwatch, New Relic performance, Splunk security alerts, Red Canary threat notifications and our custom system health checks and PagerDuty takes it from there.

We have been extremely pleased with PagerDuty and the critical role it plays in supporting our internal engineering team. So much so that we started thinking about the value PagerDuty could provide for our customers.

Red Canary is a security solution that continuously monitors our customers’ endpoints, detects malicious activity, and then notifies customers to the threats. Many of the threats we detect require immediate action. Oftentimes, our customers need a simple solution to manage their security team’s afterhours “on-­call” rotation and ensure the right escalation policies and workflow is established.

Given all this, we are excited to announce our newest integration and partnership with PagerDuty. Red Canary customers can now instantly receive threat notifications in a multitude of new ways powered by PagerDuty including their mobile app, SMS messages, and even automated phone calls.

This ensures the right people on your team are notified as quickly as possible about a Red Canary detection. Customers can cut your time to respond and the attacker’s potential impact.

PagerDuty quickly became an essential part of Red Canary’s engineering team. It is our hope that many of our customers will quickly adopt this effective tool.

Red Canary brings Fortune 100 security to every organization by combining the most advanced endpoint detection technology and techniques with the human expertise required to detect the threats that other security tools miss. Red Canary is the only endpoint security solution to combine process behavioral analysis, user behavior analytics, threat intelligence, and an expert Security Operations Center. Customers receive reliable, human­vetted detections that provide the intelligence required to defend their endpoints against the most advanced attacks..

Check out the Red Canary integration guide.




Complete AWS monitoring so you can focus on shipping code

Opsee makes monitoring your AWS environment effortless, continuously testing your services to ensure they’re working as expected. They automatically create health checks for common services and infrastructure, and help you create health checks for everything else. When you add their EC2 instance to your environment, it discovers your AWS infrastructure and services and tracks changes automatically. You never need to update health checks as your environment changes, and there are no agents to install on your systems. It only takes a few minutes to get up and running, and it’s super easy to use. They make monitoring effortless so you can focus on shipping code.

With Opsee’s PagerDuty integration it’s even easier to share on-call responsibility with your team and manage incidents together. Health check status can be integrated with the rest of your operational data, so you can leverage your on-call and escalation rules and multi-channel alerts the way you expect.

Opsee makes monitoring your AWS environment effortless by discovering your infrastructure and automatically creating health checks for common services

Check out the Opsee integration guide.




How PagerDuty and Raygun Work Together To Solve On-Call Errors Faster

We all know the feeling when that notification comes through at the worst possible moment. Your site is down, and it’s usually on you to fix the issue quickly and efficiently – but often it can take hours of debugging, trying to find the root cause.

If you catch it early enough though, you’ll rescue lost revenue, prevent a social media outburst and allow your team to get on with the important things (like building great apps!).

Raygun Crash Reporting helps you solve issues faster than ever before, and give you peace of mind that you’re protected when things go bad. Raygun will seamlessly integrate into your app in a few moments so you can be alerted to errors automatically – right down to the line of code they stemmed from, and sometimes, before your users even get chance to experience them. Pretty neat huh?

Raygun does the heavy lifting when it comes to collecting detailed diagnostic information on each incident, helping you to take a deep dive into what went wrong, and where – even which users it affected!

Getting alerts at 4AM? This is where Raygun’s integration with PagerDuty comes into a whole new league. Within Raygun you have the ability to set custom thresholds for alerts and only be notified when things are escalating. PagerDuty triages the issue, then alerts an on call engineer. The engineer can then easily dive into the Raygun dashboard and view the error details in order to fix the problem quickly, avoiding any more support tickets for your team and giving you all a better night’s sleep.

If you’d like to learn more about how Raygun and PagerDuty work together, view the docs here.

Raygun is a real time error and crash reporting software that helps developers create perfect software experiences.

Check out the Raygun integration guide.