August Partner Spotlight

by Community Team August 9, 2016 | 3 min read

In this month’s partner spotlight, we bring you Scout and Server Density! Each partner brings something unique to the PagerDuty partner ecosystem and we’re excited to have them on board. Read on to learn a bit about each and how they’ve integrated with PagerDuty to deliver a better incident management solution.



Dramatically Reduce MTTR

PagerDuty has alerted you about a problem. Now what? Scout streamlines the human element of identifying a problem, the code that caused it, and the developer who can fix it – fast. The Scout – PagerDuty integration enables customers to receive phone, SMS and email notifications across critical server, database and application issues, as well as visualize various metrics across your servers.

Scout has gained popularity amongst app monitoring tools for its ability to:

  • Easily zoom into a specific time frame
  • View transaction traces
  • Identify N+1 queries
  • Detect memory bloat

Scout APM - UI TraceSee the integration guide so you can easily start leveraging the Scout – PagerDuty integration to reduce MTTR today.

serverdensity from ServerDensity

Improve Your On-Call Sleep Quality

Sleep is the pinnacle of productivity. However, on-call engineers often experience disturbed sleep patterns or sleep deprivation—it’s the nature of being tasked with resolving critical incidents at a moment’s notice. This relationship between on-call work and sleep quality is one of the biggest challenges within the HumanOps landscape. HumanOps is defined as a collection of ideas aimed at improving the life of sysadmins — as the health and reliability of technology systems and the people that manage them are inextricably intertwined. We see this in the context of on-call work, where there is an especially strong correlation between human and system metrics. Better sleep leads to fewer errors and escalations, and better time-to-resolution metrics.

This is why the Server Density team created, which integrates with PagerDuty so that, for the first time, customers can now measurably understand the relationship between incidents and sleep quality. collects sleep data (from the Fitbit API) and incident data (from a PagerDuty endpoint) and then draws them on a single graph, so their relationship becomes clear.


This integration helps customers understand how the work they do as on-call engineers measurably impacts their sleep quality, and thus, their productivity and happiness. Perhaps even more importantly, this solution unpacks critical and necessary information for teams to make proactive changes towards achieving work – life harmony. We encourage you to create a free account and to set up your PagerDuty – integration in minutes (via a custom webhook).

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