Check Out Our New Product Innovations at Summit!

by Ancy Dow August 21, 2018 | 4 min read

This year’s PagerDuty Summit will be my third one, and it’s gearing up to be the best one yet! The conference will be hosted at the iconic Westin St. Francis hotel in San Francisco’s Union Square and features two full days of content, including real stories and best practices from industry leaders and folks just like you. These people walked the walk and are leading the charge at their respective organizations to drive digital transformation and smarter, real-time operations.

With 24 sessions spanning 3 tracks—technical, business value, and product—there’s something for everyone. But there are a few great things about the product track in particular. You’ll get an exclusive look into the launches of several really amazing new products and learn how to get the most out of PagerDuty. Even more importantly, you’ll get to hear directly from real customers who have partnered with us in building these products as they share the quantifiable benefits these solutions have already had on their ability to deliver both great services and team happiness.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming in the product track:

The Real-Time Business Impact of Your Operations

For Ben Connolly, Head of Digital IT at Vodafone, PagerDuty is a key partner in driving DevOps and cultural transformation. With the help of a new product that we will announce at Summit, Ben and his team are now able to gain a direct, real-time view of the quantitative impact of technical issues on digital services and business performance so they can focus on the things of outsize importance to their organization.

Defining and Measuring the Operational Maturity of Your Business

Digital business and IT leaders today must understand the link between operations and business outcomes in order to prioritize investments in people, process, and technology. However, more often that not, they have no idea what to measure. Cads Oakley, Director of Resilience Engineering at Castlight Health, will share how one of PagerDuty’s newest products gives his team a prescriptive way to measure and accelerate their operational maturity.

Best-Practice Automation With Modern Incident Response

Digital businesses are adapting to business changes faster than ever, making effective incident response a critical capability for every organization. To fix problems as quickly as possible, technical teams must immediately mobilize the right people— but that’s almost always easier said than done. Alan Alderson, Director of IT Operations at William Hill, will share how PagerDuty helps his team apply best practices and automation at each stage of the incident lifecycle to eliminate the pain between signal to action.

HumanOps: Achieving Peak Performance

IT Operations telemetry has always focused on the health of servers, applications, and technical services—but what really drives the quality of all these things are the people behind them. Our Digital Insights team will discuss how PagerDuty’s Operations Health Management Service provides an unprecedented human factors lens into IT Operations, so organizations can retain and attract talent to keep their systems running at peak performance.

PagerDuty for Developers

We get super excited when we see customers use our flexible API and developer tools to extend the PagerDuty platform in unique and interesting ways. In this session, you’ll see some of the coolest third-party tools built on top of PagerDuty by folks like Abdullah Siddiqui, Site Reliability Engineer at Xero. You’ll also have a chance to connect directly with product managers and engineers on our Platform Team to learn more.

DevOps Transformation: The PagerDuty Journey

Reliability is at the heart of everything that we do at PagerDuty. But in order to deliver continuous availability, drive a maniacal focus on customer needs with faster innovation, and support exponentially growing scale, we’ve had to make significant investments and changes over the years in how we develop and operate products. In this session, you’ll hear from Tim Armandpour, PagerDuty’s Head of Engineering, as he shares best practices and insights gleaned from our own DevOps journey.

Product AMA (Ask Me Anything)

At PagerDuty, we love getting feedback from our customers. Are there features you want that you can’t wait to share with us? Questions you’ve always wanted to ask? Want to hear about what’s coming next? Join us for a live talk with Rachel Obstler, our Head of Product, and different members of the product team.


This is just one of the three tracks! There’s a lot to learn at Summit this year, and with all this great content and much more, you won’t want to miss out. Register now to save your spot!